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All about Feel Iran Fam Trips

Feel Iran fam trip

If you have some minor social media activity, you must have recently heard of #feeliran fam trip currently taking place in Iran, which invoked a lot of heated discussions. Unlike what many think, however, this isn’t the first time that fam trips are organized in Iran, and Feel Iran isn’t the first host either. However, their projects have successfully been introduced to the public through the media, hence attaining their goal. But what are fam trips really, and where and when have Feel Iran fam trips taken place?

What Are Fam Trips?

Feel Iran fam trip

Fam trips, short for familiarization trips, are one type of tour organized by travel agencies or other organizations for travel influencers through whose lens those who are interested will follow their journey from afar. The guests, varying from journalists and writers to photographers, post online about the fascinations of the places they visit. Their followers on social media will see them from their angle and get inspired to visit them for themselves.

The First Feel Iran Fam Trip


Feel Iran project first initiated its fam trip activity in 2019, led by Hoda Rostami and Kimia Khosravi, Iranian travelers and influencers. On this trip, Feel Iran hosted famous travel influencers from around the globe. Among them are the Chinese writer and influencer Hugo, Artem Shestakov, the Ukrainian travel influencer and businessman, the Turkish photographer Mehmet Kırali and the well-known businessman and social activist Harjinder Singh Jinda.

Their trip started in Tehran, heading for Kashan, the fragrant city of rose water and ancient edifices. The main focus of Feel Iran’s first fam trip was the traditional houses of Iran with their unique architecture and structure. What city could possibly be a better start than Kashan? This ancient city is known for its architectural gems, including 40 Dokhtaran Fortress, Abbāsi House, Attarha House, and Fin Garden. Kashan also houses most of Iran’s mechanized carpet-weaving factories, which greatly fascinated the guests.

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Their trip didn’t come to an end in Kashan, and they continued to one of the top tourist destinations in Iran, Isfahan. Almost nothing could come close to the amazement of the guests at the Naqsh-e Jahan Square and its turquoise-colored architecture. After having taken many shots of this stunning destination, they went on with their journey to other tourist spots in Isfahan. 

What Triggered the Idea?

Feel Iran fam trip

The founders of Feel Iran, whose mission seems to be showing foreigner influencers, and hence the world, the fascinating tourist attractions of Iran, first came up with the idea of fam trips in Iran when they were invited to one in Turkey. Tourism had not yet done justice to Iran with its rich historical sites and incredibly eye-catching nature.

Now the project has succeeded in organizing two fam trips so far, under the hashtag #feeliran, with the support of mainly private sponsors to pursue the dream of having the world feel Iran and getting to know its magnificent cities!