Iran your next ski destination

Iran sports

With two thirds of Iran’s population under the age of 25, many sports are played in Iran, both traditional and modern. Iran’s diverse climate gives visitors the chance to experience different sports at the same time in country. While some people enjoy skiing at the Tochal resort as the world’s fifth-highest ski resort, other people might enjoy the silence of a desert Safari in central Kavir of Iran or even swimming, diving and water skiing in Kish island.
Mountains like Alborz and Zagros are major attractions for trekkers coming to Iran. Trekking in Iran gives you the chance to walk amongst these giants where you truly will be exhilarated. Not only are there mountains in Iran, but a diverse range of flora. Also Many of Iran’s trekking regions are encompassed by desert with a diverse range of wildlife, some rare and endangered. Any trek in Iran will involve walking through different environments, like barren mountain landscapes or beautiful deserts.
Some sports found their roots back in Iran’s history. Iran is the birthplace of polo, known as čowgān in Persian, and košti e pahlevāni, meaning the “heroic wrestling.” Freestyle wrestling has been traditionally regarded as Iran’s national sport, where the national team has been Olympic and world champion.

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