Heart Of Persia Day8

Transfer to Tehran Intl. airport for your return flight.

Heart Of Persia Day7

Moving toward Kashan. A half day city tour of beautiful Kasshan well-knwon for carpet and visit Fin Complex. move to Teran. O/N Tehran

Heart Of Persia Day6

Full day city tour at Imam Square, a jewel of Persian architecture with 4 monuments at the 4 sides which includes the Alighapou Palace, Imam & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, handicraft factories and the 2-Km long Isfahan bazaar with its traditional arcades. In the evening we visit the most beautiful and famous Isfahan bridges over the Zayandeh Rud river. O/N Isfahan

Heart Of Persia Day5

After breakfast visit the huge Archaeological site belong to 2500 years ago, the manifest of glorified Achaemenids Empire, the sole palace at that time built by free workmen and artist not by slaves. In the evening transferred to airport for the flight to Isfahan. O/N Isfahan.