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Join us on our culinary tours and try various tasty foods and drinks of exceptional flavors in different cities of Iran; you can even learn to cook them if you’re interested

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Don’t Forget the Tasty “Tahdig”
Don’t Forget the Tasty “Tahdig”

All Iranians, from north to south and east to west, have Tahdig as a common element in their cuisine. However, people like different types of Tahdig. It can be crispy Lavash bread at the bottom of the pot or golden slices of potato. You should try the mouth-watering lettuce Tahdig of Sabzi polo (Persian Herb Rice) which is among the special offers of Iran cuisine.

Try Persian Pastries and Sweets With Your Tea
Try Persian Pastries and Sweets With Your Tea

People of this grand country love sweets and pastries, and there are different types of them in each city. Gaz is one of the sweets that the people of Isfahan make with nuts, especially pistachio. Sohan is a saffron toffee that people of Qom are the professionals in making them. Once you try Qottab, it will be one of those sweet pastries that you long for again and again.

Drink a Glass of Persian Beverages
Drink a Glass of Persian Beverages

Don’t forget about Persian drinks while you’re busy trying Persian food. Khiar-Sekanjebin or Persian cucumber and vinegar syrup is a cooling Persian beverage that Iranians make especially during hot summers. Khakshir or sophia herbal drink is another popular beverage that you can find on almost all streets of Tehran. Doogh or Persian yogurt drink comes in those sour and salty tastes that you must try with traditional meals like Kebab or Abgoosht.

And Here Comes the Best Dishes
And Here Comes the Best Dishes

Iran has many various dishes all over the country and among them, there are a few that you must try. The taste of Dizi Sangi in a traditional restaurant served in its particular bowl with fresh herb platter and onions is an unforgettable experience in Iran. Moreover, the smell of Tahchin in the grand bazaar of Tehran tempts you to try this magical mixture of rice, saffron, chicken, and yogurt.

Trying the local foods, drinks, and ingredients in every new country and region is a must-do since it's a critical element of that region’s culture. Having housed a multiplicity of tribes and ethnicities, Iran has different types of delicious dishes in every single spot of its great land. Our taste tours are flavored, both with inviting colors and new places and people you get to know about. There’s a long list offered to you from cooking and tasting the unforgettable Tahchin in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran to walking in Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz, smelling the aroma of Iranian spices, to try Ash Reshteh, Dizi, or the incredible northern foods like Baghali Ghatogh. Write down “trying the culinary culture” in your to-do list while you travel to Iran.

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Tehran Food Stands
Tehran Food Stands

Let’s stroll along the streets and bazaar of Tehran and try what the best foodie stands of the town offer. On your way, smell the colorful spices piled up on each other in rows, taste different pastries and local flavors like Samanu, and enjoy Iranian foods.

Isfahan Traditional Cuisine
Isfahan Traditional Cuisine

Stop by the best food shops in the city that are reputed for being half of the world. You can either try Sherbets while you’re enjoying the historical and cultural treasures on Naqsh-e Jahan Square, or enjoy the organic foods and drinks of the Nomads in the highlands of Isfahan. You can also think of trying herbal teas in the serene desert of Varzaneh.

Rasht; Smell the Rice Fields
Rasht; Smell the Rice Fields

Rasht is eminent for the various tastes it enfolds in the heart of its cuisine. Rasht is not only a destination for finding out the best side dishes, pickles, or trying delicious dishes like Kateh, or Mirza-Ghasemi, but it’s the place you get to smell fresh brewed Chai (tea) right after the harvest and see the locals during rice cultivation.

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Best Time to See Wildlife in Iran

Plan your trip to Iran with keen eyes! Experience mild springs and falls, but brace for hot summers, especially in the south, where temperatures can reach up to 38°C. Winters are cold, especially in the northwest with heavy snowfalls. Best times to visit are during October to December when temperatures are pleasant, and desert adventures are at their prime.


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Is it possible for me to join your culinary tours if I have a restricted diet?

Sure! Let us know about your food restrictions or allergies and we will reconsider and modify if we find anything not complying with your taste.

Can I join your tours if I have food allergies?

Of course. If you tell us about your allergies beforehand, we can do the necessary adjustments.

Is shopping involved in your culinary tours?

Definitely! What would be better than going to the bazaar and buying some fresh ingredients? It is absolutely included in many of our culinary tours.

Are alcoholic beverages included in your culinary tours?

Unfortunately not. Alcoholic beverages are not legal in Iran.

Do you provide tours of cooking classes?

Yes, we do. You can check out our tours and find them easily.

Are children allowed on tours with cooking classes?

Yes, You have the chance to cook and dine with your family.

Do you offer culinary tours to solo travelers?

We will set solo travelers up with a group and so they can join us on our culinary tours.

Do you have any culinary tours for vegans/vegetarians?

Sure! You just have to make sure you let us know about it and then you’re good to go as we rearrange things.

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