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Travel with us into the heartlands of the Zagros mountains and live the unique lifestyle of Qashqai and Bakhtiari people; walk their paths, eat their food, and learn about their lives in our nomad tours

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Authentic Lifestyle
Authentic Lifestyle

By participating in Nomad migration tours, you will join in on one of the greatest traditions of Iranian culture: the migration. Whatever activity they do, they have been doing for a long time. Whether it’s weaving the Qashqai rug, or playing Bakhtiari music, traditionalism is in the heart of it all.

Unique Activities
Unique Activities

Anything might happen: you can milk the cows in the morning with the nomads, sit around the bonfire at night and listen to the stories of these migrating people. You might witness the birth of a new calf. This lifestyle offers so much, deeply-rooted in human nature.

A Real Time-machine
A Real Time-machine

Migrating in the highlands of the epic Zagros mountains is like traveling into the past. It has been carried out like this for hundreds of years; therefore, it gives you the sense of a journey between centuries and decades, among people living with joy, simplicity, and warmth.

Adventure of a Lifetime
Adventure of a Lifetime

Sleeping in their tents and under the stars, while traveling with them on the road is as epic as it gets. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll have in Iran Nomad Tours, a memory you’ll keep in your diary as a souvenir for your own heart or a significant story to tell your children about.

Behind Iran’s most magnificent mountains live families and tribes with unique lifestyles; Iran’s nomadic people are fading away each day. In our nomadic tours, you will experience their way of living first-hand. Milking the cows, cooking with the nomads, and sleeping under the stars in their famous back tents are among some of the activities you get to do with them. Qashqai and Bakhtiari are the most prominent Iranian tribes which still live their lives on the road. As you enter their lives, you will get an insight into how these people make their way through the mountains day to day, how they create beautiful arts and handicrafts, and how proudly they call themselves “nomads.”

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Bakhtiari Tribe
Bakhtiari Tribe

One of Iran’s largest tribes, the Bakhtiari have been migrating over the Zagros mountains for hundreds of years. A humble tribe, they are an integral part of Iranian culture. Twice a year, the Bakhtiari nomads travel 300km across the mountains and highlands, to search for grass for their animals: it’s an epic adventure.

Qashqai Tribe
Qashqai Tribe

From Turkic origins of Central Asia, the Qashqai tribe chose Iran’s south-western desert lands as their home during the 11th and 12th centuries. Every year, they move between the pastures in the north of Shiraz to the south of the country, near the Persian Gulf, where it’s warmer for the winter. Their epic journey is about 480km.

Shahsavan Tribe
Shahsavan Tribe

Of unknown origin but most probably Azeri, the Shahsavan are a group of nomadic tribes living in the Mugan Plain. Whatever the origin story, one thing is certain: they are a free, traditional group of people, traveling in the highly-fertile plains of Mugan plains in the northwest of Iran.

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Best Time to See Wildlife in Iran

Plan your trip to Iran with keen eyes! Experience mild springs and falls, but brace for hot summers, especially in the south, where temperatures can reach up to 38°C. Winters are cold, especially in the northwest with heavy snowfalls. Best times to visit are during October to December when temperatures are pleasant, and desert adventures are at their prime.


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I’m worried. Is there anything I should know before joining a Nomad Tour?

Nomads of Iran are a group of open-minded hospitable people who love meeting people from outside of Iran. They will treat you as guests. However, just like any polite guest, you should observe their cultural traditions and respect them. Just remember, to be polite and ask before you act. Read about their ways of living and if you need more information, just ask us! We’ll answer you promptly.

Is it possible that I may be harmful to the nomads and their environment as a person who is not familiar with this type of lifestyle?

Having lived in the mountains for so long, the Iranian Nomads have learned how to be one with nature and not destroy it. We, the sedentary people living in cities, might not be as adaptable as the nomads when they are out in nature. So, remember, nature is their home and environmental issues are of much importance.

Is everything about time and itinerary fixed or I should be planning more flexibly for this tour?

Migration with the Iranian Nomads is not an ordinary tour. Most of the time, we can’t tell you exactly what time the nomads of Iran will start their Kouch (migration). However, we do have rough dates and hours. So, it’s important you have a flexible mind and timeline before starting the tour.

How demanding and challenging is this tour?

Being on the road on an Iran Nomads Tour can be a bit challenging at times. No 4G or high-speed WiFi, no YouTube, no sofa and TV, and no news from the world. Add the physical activity of migration, which sometimes includes climbing. These can be a bit difficult for some people. However, what we do have in a Qashqai or Bakhtiari Nomad Tour is love, understanding, the beauty of nature and the Zagros mountains, and the perks of living life as a free nomad.

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