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Virginity of Nature, Not Much Touched by Tourists
Virginity of Nature, Not Much Touched by Tourists

In our Nature and Adventure tours, you get to see that Iran has preserved its unique ecology and natural attractions and so the people have remained faithful to this virginity. Thus, Iran's natural wonders are unspoiled by the rush of people and tourists, so there’s more authenticity to your experience in canyons, valleys, deserts, islands, beaches, and forests in Iran.

Diversity, We Have Much Yet to Be Discovered
Diversity, We Have Much Yet to Be Discovered

There’s no end to this vast wild episode of Iran and if you join us in these adventure tours you might be able to discover new phases in each of the experiences and stories. Immersed in the wilderness surrounding you, you’ll be touched by nature and its wondrous miracles. Traveling into the heart of Iran’s nature is like traveling into the unknown.

Trace the Culture beyond Nature
Trace the Culture beyond Nature

Wandering among the natural beauties in Iran and among the mountains and fields is not only an exploration of wildlife and adventure, But it’s a delightful cultural expedition. Join us in any of the adventures to see people whose lives are altered in a peaceful collaboration with nature. Nomads and the people living in the oases among scorching deserts are among those cultural gems with whom you can learn a new lifestyle and enjoy their traditions and customs.

Extreme Excitement in Affordable Adventures
Extreme Excitement in Affordable Adventures

What reason is better than affordability and accessibility to be added to that of the beauty of nature and all the activities it offers in Iran? Even the most luxurious adrenaline-inducing experiences in Iran are affordable at the best prices ever. Thus, you can enjoy the inscribable taste of nature and adventures with the least money spent compared to a great number of countries.

Experience and breathe in the nature of Iran and try the adventurous routes to the northern forests of Iran, the daring desert nights, and the lofty mountains with their slippery slopes. What would be better than watching the sun rising over the dunes of Lut Desert after a long starry night? Visit the lush green nature of Hyrcanian forests and hear the delightful sound of Margoon Waterfall. Don’t forget about the exciting ski resorts, the adrenaline-inducing slopes of Damavand Mount and Tochal Mount, the authentic Kavir National Park, and the amazing Qeshm Geopark. We have a significant number of nature and adventure tours in Iran’s spectacular sights, and you can enjoy the far off the beaten tracks that give you a pounding heart.

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Iran in the North, the Green Emerald Hand of Nature
Iran in the North, the Green Emerald Hand of Nature

The jagged ranges of Alborz Mountains indicate the territory of the emerald Mother Nature where the fields are filled with the smell of rice. The mountainous tracks around the virgin Hyrcanian Forests invite every adventurer to one of the diverse activities of cycling, trekking, and hiking. Heights in some spots tempt you for daring activities like off-piste skiing or snowboarding in powdery slopes or ascending peaks like that of Damavand Mount. Water streams also run between the fingers of Mother Nature’s hands and create heavenly sceneries and waterfalls.

Iran in the Middle, Tread on Unknown Paths to Magical Deserts
Iran in the Middle, Tread on Unknown Paths to Magical Deserts

The golden dunes among the culturally-rich cities in the middle of Iran enfold both the tranquil sense of remoteness and the adrenaline-inducing interests that exist in the void of the desert. How? Join us to experience either the silence under the starry nights among the sandhills or the exciting safaris and camel riding in Varzaneh or Lut desert. Just imagine a truck adventure among the cities of Semnan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kerman; in such an adventure you’ll enjoy the virgin deserts of Iran, the ecology in places like Kavir National Park and the cultural gems in the abovementioned cities.

Iran in the South, Explore the Wonders around the Persian Gulf
Iran in the South, Explore the Wonders around the Persian Gulf

Numerous wonders have gathered in the southernmost edges of Iran. Join us in the journeys to discover the unique surprises of nature in Iran islands. Amusing canyons and waterfalls, colorful valleys and palm-fringed beaches, mangrove forests, and exclusive geological heritage are all reasons to take you to the south of Iran. There’s no good in saying about the red tides along Hormuz or the glorious performance of sky above the Valley of Stars in Qeshm; you just have to venture for that gorgeousness with your own feet.

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Best Time to See Wildlife in Iran

Plan your trip to Iran with keen eyes! Experience mild springs and falls, but brace for hot summers, especially in the south, where temperatures can reach up to 38°C. Winters are cold, especially in the northwest with heavy snowfalls. Best times to visit are during October to December when temperatures are pleasant, and desert adventures are at their prime.


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Does any of the adventure tours have an age restriction?

Yes, a few of the tours have age restrictions. You can check out each tour and see whether it includes a maximum or minimum age limit.

Can I bring my family and kids with me?

You can join us in most of our nature and adventure tours with your kids and family except for those few tours that have a minimum age limit.

Can I join any of your adventure tours if I have a disability?

Well, it depends. You can join us in many of our nature tours; however, you might not be able to accompany us in a few of the adventure tours depending on its physical requirements. Therefore, you’d better let us know about your disabilities and so we might be able to adjust the tour according to your abilities and physical condition.

Do I need travel insurance for joining an adventure tour?

Yes. Basically, Travel Insurance is compulsory for traveling to Iran regardless of your travel theme and we can arrange it for you; all you have to do is to fill the application form for Iran Travel Insurance.

What should I pack? Do I need to bring my gear along?

In a number of tours, all you need is a proper jacket, pants, proper shoes, and sunglasses. But in some other tours, as we have already mentioned in the tour description, you should have extra professional equipment in order to partake in breathtaking adventures such as canyoning. You can also rent many of them by contacting us.

Do I get the chance to contact my family if I join your adventure tours? Will my mobile phone work? Do I get internet coverage?

In almost 90 percent of tour destinations and roads, you’ll have full mobile coverage and internet connection. Yet, if you want more information about specific regions, do not hesitate to contact our operators.

Do I have to bring a sleeping bag?

In many of our nature tours, you don’t have to bring sleeping bags since we are going to stay in nearby local houses for the night. However, in a number of camping tours, we can provide you with a sleeping bag or you can bring one with yourself. You can ask us about the specific tour you have in mind since we are always available.

What happens if I join your tour and become ill or injured during the experience?

You don’t have to worry since our expert leaders are trained to deal with such medical emergencies. If the injury is serious we will arrange your transfer to health care centers and hospitals and your travel insurance should cover all the costs of your injuries.

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