Iran Travel Debit Card



When traveling in Iran, tourists and foreign visitors usually run into a similar problem: the money issue! As you may already know, international cards like the MasterCard or the Visa Card don’t work in Iran, due to cruel American sanctions. So, for a long time, tourists traveling to this beautiful gem had to carry all their budget on themselves, in cash! Tourists brought in loads of euros, dollars and other currencies in their pockets, looking to exchange them at a fair price in Iran. And you know, carrying cash brings out loads of trouble. Where do I exchange the money? What if I lose my money? How do I carry so much cash? These are only some of the issues regarding the money problem in Iran.

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What is a Travel Debit Card?

Are MasterCard and Visa Card accepted in Iran?

How can I load my card? Can I reload it while I’m in Iran?

Where can I use my card in Iran? Where do they accept my Visit Our Iran Travel Debit Card?

Can I see my transaction history?

What happens if I lose my card?

What happens if I have money left on my card when I leave the country? Can you refund me the money?

What is the ATM fee or tax when I withdraw money?