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I mourn that I shall not see Kayyam tomb in Nishapur, nor the artistic wealth of Mashhad; nor shall I see the little town near Tiflis where Nizami sang of Layla and Majnun; nor the shop in Nishapur where Attar sold perfumes. But I trust that I shall see Shiraz, and thank it for Sa’di and Hafez.

Will Durant
Will DurantAmerican writer, Historian & Philosopher

“Are Iranians really as nice as people say?” “Absolutely, YES!” One thing is for sure, the people in Iran are the most hospitable we’ve ever come across in our travels, rivaled only by eastern Turkey and western Egypt.

Nick and Dariece
Nick and DarieceCanadian videographers & Blogger, goatsontheroad.com

I felt deeply before the antiquity of this culture, and its success in stamping its own exquisite quality upon every alien force that has entered this land.

Will Durant
Will DurantAmerican Writer, Historian & Philosopher

For those who have grown up on an endless diet of images depicting Iran as a dark, dangerous place full of fundamentalist fanatics, discovering the real Iran is the most wonderful surprise. Before long you’re asking yourself: how can somewhere supposedly so bad be so good?

Lonely Planet
Lonely PlanetThe largest book publisher of travel guide

The friendliness of Iranians will likely take you by surprise; it’s almost overwhelmingly friendly. Probably the most welcoming were young people in their mid twenties who were well-educated on world matters who simply wanted to talk about life, music, world issues and Australia. We left Iran with a strong sense of what we held in common, rather than our differences.

Rachel Glasby
Rachel Glasbyco-owner of the Silkroad store, Travel Blogger

“All the paintings of the Italian Renaissance, are not worth one Persian rug.”

John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent American painter

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