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2.5Gb Data

100M Initial Call Time

10 $


10 GB Data 

400M Initial Call Time

20 $


20 GB Data

500M Initial Call Time

25 $


4.5 GB Data

200M Initial Call Time

15 $

Dear valued customer, thank you for choosing our Iran Sim-Card service. If you have purchased the airport pickup service, we will be delighted to deliver your Sim-Card directly to you at the airport upon arrival. Otherwise, our dedicated team will ensure a smooth delivery to your hotel. Safe travels!

Complete Guide to Get Mobile SIM Cards in Iran

Planning your trip to Iran? Look no further for your mobile connectivity needs! Visit Our Iran offers convenient SIM card services through trusted providers like Hamrah-e Aval, Irancell, Shatel, and Rightel. Below, you'll find all the information you need to stay connected throughout your journey. From activating your SIM card to selecting the best data plan for your travel needs, we've got you covered. If you have any queries or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Enjoy uninterrupted communication and seamless internet access during your visit to Iran with Our Iran's SIM card services.

You've got two options for getting your SIM card: one is the traditional in-person route, where you visit a store or a service center, and the other is the more convenient online option, where you can simply order it through our website.

How can I get my SIM-Card

Our SIM card services are designed to be simple and convenient. With our Iran SIM cards, supported by Irancell, MCI, and Shatel Mobile, you can enjoy reliable 4G coverage across cities and towns.

To get your hands on one of our SIM cards, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps:
Complete Online Request Form: Start by filling out our online request form. Provide the necessary details, such as your name, contact information, and arrival date in Iran.
Schedule Airport Pick-up: Once your request is received, we'll help you schedule a convenient airport pick-up. This way, you can collect your SIM card as soon as you arrive in Iran, saving you time and hassle.
Pay Fees: Prior to your arrival or upon pick-up, you'll need to pay for the SIM card and pick-up fee. Our payment process is secure and straightforward, ensuring a smooth transaction.
Collect Your SIM Card: Upon your arrival at the designated airport pick-up location, simply present your confirmation details and make the payment if you haven't already. You'll then receive your SIM card, ready to be used immediately.

With our streamlined process, getting your hands on an Iran SIM card has never been easier. Enjoy seamless connectivity and stay connected wherever your travels take you in Iran.

eSIM Solutions in Iran

With eSIMs, travelers visiting Iran can now enjoy seamless connectivity without the need for physical SIM cards or complicated registration processes. With eSIMs, travelers can conveniently purchase and activate mobile plans directly from their devices, eliminating the need to search for local stores or navigate language barriers.

At Visit Our Iran, we recognize the importance of providing seamless connectivity solutions for travelers visiting Iran. Through our user-friendly website, tourists can easily browse and select eSIM packages tailored to their specific needs, whether it's for short-term stays or extended journeys across the country.

Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist travelers every step of the way, from selecting the right eSIM plan to activating the service on their devices. We understand the unique requirements of travelers and strive to ensure a hassle-free experience, allowing them to focus on exploring Iran's vibrant culture and stunning attractions.

By offering convenient access to eSIMs for tourists, we aim to enhance their overall travel experience in Iran, providing reliable connectivity wherever their adventures may take them. With Visit Our Iran, travelers can stay connected, informed, and empowered to make the most of their time in this beautiful country.

Iran’s SIM-Card providers

Hamrah-e Aval, Irancell, Shatel, and Rightel are major telecommunications companies in Iran, each providing SIM cards and mobile services to millions of users across the country.

Hamrah-e Aval, also known as MCI (Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran), is the largest mobile operator in Iran. It offers a wide range of services including voice calls, SMS, and mobile internet. Hamrah-e Aval has a significant market share and a vast network infrastructure covering most urban and rural areas in Iran.

Irancell, officially known as MTN Irancell, is another prominent mobile operator in Iran. It provides competitive voice and data services, with a strong focus on mobile internet offerings. Irancell has been expanding its 4G and 5G network coverage to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet access.

Shatel is a leading internet service provider (ISP) in Iran, offering broadband internet services to residential and business customers. While it primarily focuses on fixed-line internet, Shatel also provides SIM cards for mobile internet access, catering to users who require reliable and high-speed connectivity on the go.

Rightel, also known as RighTel, is one of the newer players in the Iranian telecommunications market. It has gained popularity for its affordable voice and data packages, targeting a younger demographic. Rightel has been investing in expanding its network infrastructure and enhancing its services to remain competitive in the market.


Which of the phone operators in Iran is better?

At Visit Our Iran we provide Iran`s fastest and widest internet network, MTN Irancell and Shatel Mobile which enables tourists to get access to high-speed internet.

What services do these SIM Cards offer?

The SIM Card enables you to make domestic and international calls, send SMS and enjoy the fast 4G Internet in Iran at almost every corner of the country.

Where can I pick up my SIM Card?

You can choose your desired pick-up location within Iran.

How can I buy my Iranian SIM Card?

You can easily buy the SIM Card directly from our website, just fill in the form and we’ll contact you. In order to buy your SIM Card, we only need your passport with a valid visa.

How long is my SIM Card valid?

The Tourist SIM Card will expire automatically after one month. If your trip is longer than one month, let us know.

How can I recharge my sim-card credit?

If you have the Visit Our Iran Travel Debit Card, you can charge your SIM Card with it easily. Users only need to dial the USSD code *780# and follow the menu to buy both airtime and data packages as desired.
And if you don’t have any access to the Iranian bank system, there is no worry. You can easily buy credit vouchers from newspaper-stands or supermarkets everywhere in the city.

Can I use an Iran SIM card with my unlocked phone?

Yes, Iran SIM cards can be used with any unlocked GSM phone.

How do I activate my Iran SIM card?

You need to insert your SIM card into your mobile device and follow the activation instructions the mobile operator provides.

Should I purchase a VPN before arriving in Iran?

Yes, it's advisable to purchase a VPN before arrival. Make sure it provides coverage while traveling and inquire about its coverage duration in the country.

Can I use my international mobile device in Iran?

Yes, but you need to activate data roaming, which can be costly. It's recommended to get an Iranian SIM card upon arrival.

How long can I use my mobile device in Iran?

You can use your mobile device for up to 30 days without registration. If your stay exceeds 30 days, it's necessary to register it at the airport upon arrival, before departing from customs.

What's the internet speed like in Iran?

In most big cities, the speed ranges from 10-30 Mbps, but it's lower in rural areas. However, it's essential to note that in more remote or rural areas, these speeds may vary, and users could experience slower connections.

Can I access social media without a VPN in Iran?

No, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are blocked. It's best to have a VPN for access while traveling.

What types of internet packages do operators offer?

Each operator offers various internet packages with limited quotas based on daily, weekly, and monthly time limits.

What's the price for phone calls in Iran?

Phone calls are typically priced around 90 Tomans per minute.