Join our Iran ski tours and surf on the powdery snow-capped mountains of Alborz and Zagros with reasonable prices; don’t forget to venture for the black rated resorts like Shemshak

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The Powdery Snow Calls for You
The Powdery Snow Calls for You

The powders of the ski season are worth the trip. The softness of the powders reflects in your eyes and tempts you to challenge yourself for the great adventures kept for you. Although the ski resorts are not as extensive as in the Alpine resorts, the quality of the snow, the reasonable ski pass, and the various pistes of the ski resorts are enough to keep you satisfied.

Try Something Different and Surf on The Grass
Try Something Different and Surf on The Grass

In some ski resorts of Iran like Dizin in the Alborz Mountain and Pooladkaf in Zagros, you can try skiing in spring, even when the slopes are covered with grass. The smell of fresh air mixed with the smell of grass in this field can capture a photographic memory in your mind.

Observe Authentic Nature and Alluring Landscapes
Observe Authentic Nature and Alluring Landscapes

What you do not get to see in other countries is the perfect landscape and nature of Iran. After skiing, leave your track and go for the spirit of nature surrounding you. Behind valleys, you get to find water springs and villages where you get to find out about the local people who are raised in the hands of the authentic nature.

Feel The Alps with a More Reasonable Price
Feel The Alps with a More Reasonable Price

Even if you’re a professional skier, Iran Ski resorts can fulfill you since the slopes are very much like those in the Alps. You can experience the same thrill and adventure with a more reasonable price, on the slopes with the lower risk and dangers. Trekking and hiking Alborz Mountains refresh your soul and your memory will seduce you to come to these slopes again.

If you’re looking for ski resorts with soft, untouched snow powders, we’ve got a lot to offer you in our skiing tours: from untouched slopes in the backcountry of Damavand Mount, the highest peak summit of Iran, to other exciting peaks in the Alborz mountain range like Dizin or Tochal Ski Resort, which is the nearest to the capital. No matter if you’re a beginner and you just want to enjoy a new hobby in a different country or you’re perfectly skilled in skiing or surfing on the snow, Iran ski resorts with their reasonable priced on-piste and off-piste skiing options will suit you. You’ll never forget about your exceptional experience on the powdery slopes of Iran once you feel the rush of adrenaline in your veins.

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Dizin; The Biggest Ski Resort in Iran
Dizin; The Biggest Ski Resort in Iran

Hit the road and go for the white patches of Dizin Ski Resort hidden behind the beautiful touch of nature while you follow the winding Chalus Road. After a short ride of 1 and a half hours, You can choose to have a full ski day on your own and venture for the breathtaking hills, and enjoy the variously rated slopes in the biggest ski resort of Iran. Eventually, spend the night in one of the various hotels and chalets located on the extraordinary untouched nature of the surrounding mountains.

Tochal; The Nearest Ski Resort to Tehran
Tochal; The Nearest Ski Resort to Tehran

If you came to visit Tehran and its wonderful treasures and you yearned for the Northern snow-capped mountains, Tochal is the easiest-to-reach ski resort. Enjoy the perfect view of the whole capital city under your feet and hit the height of 3850m via the cable car and ski lift. You get 7 months of natural snow in this ski resort and you cannot forget about other facilities and hobbies of this complex like summer sledge or zip line.

Shemshak; an Adrenaline Injection
Shemshak; an Adrenaline Injection

Venture for Shemshak Ski Resort and its black-rated soft slopes where you get to meet other experts and join them to taste the untouched, off-piste trails. Feel the rush of adrenaline in your veins and seize one of the exceptional memories as a skier in Iran within affordable skiing. Keep powder surfing for the whole day and if that's not enough, you can enjoy the pistes even at night. It only takes one hour for you to go to this resort from the capital.

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Best Time to See Wildlife in Iran

Plan your trip to Iran with keen eyes! Experience mild springs and falls, but brace for hot summers, especially in the south, where temperatures can reach up to 38°C. Winters are cold, especially in the northwest with heavy snowfalls. Best times to visit are during October to December when temperatures are pleasant, and desert adventures are at their prime.


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Can I join your tours to ski in Iran as a woman?

Absolutely! It is normal for women to ski in Iran. If you join our tours, you’d see many of them having fun among the white slopes.

Do any of your tours include black rated pistes for professional skiers like me?

Yes, we will take you to Dizin ski resort in our tours which includes three black rated slopes.

Is off-piste skiing allowed in Iran’s ski resorts?

Not in all ski resorts, But you are allowed to go for off-piste skiing in Dizin ski resort. check out for more details on all ski resorts of Iran in Top Skiing Resorts in Iran.

Can I join your tour as an independent traveler?

Yes, you can buy your favorite tour and we will set you up with a group.

Can I rent ski or snowboard equipment or I should have all my equipment with me?

You can rent all your required equipment with the best prices in all the ski resorts in Iran. The prices for full ski equipment starts from 30 euros depending on the types of equipment you choose for the experience.

Do your tours include travel insurances?

It’s not included in tours. However, you should apply for travel insurance if you ever want to travel to Iran and you can easily purchase your insurance through our services.

How expensive are the ski pass and equipment rentals?

All expenses related to skiing such as ski pass, equipment rentals, and skiing schools are affordable and rather reasonable in Iran.

Is it safe to ski in Iran? How are the safety standards in Iran ski resorts?

Iran and its slopes are absolutely safe for skiers since they are rated and there are coaches in all skiing resorts who can help the beginners.

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