Amir Chakhmaq Square

After a long adventurous trip along the winding lanes of the Old City, what would be better than spending your evening watching the sun sinking into the ground and shedding its red hues on the people in the full-of-life Amir Chakhmaq complex? If you head to Imam Khomeini Street, you will find this wonderful complex with its many monuments to visit and discover the soul of history in each of their bricks piling up to reach a unique type of architecture. This complex includes a bazaar, water reservoirs (Āb-Anbār), Amir Chakhmaq Mosque, a Hussainiya, a mausoleum, and a bathhouse. The view of the Hussainiya and the shadowed mosque behind it at nights when yellow lights sink in its proportioned alcoves and the symmetrical iwans is amazing. The giant wooden palm (Nakhl) in front of Hussainiya is an ancient centerpiece of this complex with 8.5 meters height. With more than 200 years old, this wooden structure has been used for the commemoration of what happened in Karbala and Ashura.

Mitra Gholami
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