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Shiraz, City of Flowers and Nightingales

Swarmed with glory and grandeur, Shiraz lies in southwest Iran enfolding lots of beautiful gardens, archeological significance, and cultural centers. You can spend a lifetime’s worth of holidays in the famous city of flowers and nightingales. It’s one of the most populated cities in Iran since it’s the capital of Fars Province; however, the scent of bitter orange flowers, the serenity of its green gardens, and the murmur of its ancient monuments calls your attention to plan an authentic experience in Shiraz. The distinctive architecture of palaces and monuments in Shiraz are spellbinding. Apart from its historical and cultural attractions, you can walk in the beautiful clean streets of this city, breathe in its romantic and whimsical air, and enjoy yourself having Faloodeh, which is a traditional cold mixture of noodles with rose water. Shiraz is renowned as one of the main cultural capitals of Iran, and May the 5th (Ordibehesht the 15th) is named after this glamorous city.

Two or three days won’t suit you to enjoy discovering all the treasures hidden in this heavenly city. Shiraz is an overwhelming source of historical treasures, and it offers you to track the rise and fall of great empires throughout history. Shiraz is generously offering you a wide range of activities and excitement from walking in the green gardens to learn about the classic and romantic Persian poetry and literature. Each year thousands of foreign tourists join the local tourists to perceive the outstanding cultural and historical merits of Shiraz with their eyes.

Public Transportation in Shiraz

As for urban transportation, there’s no choice better than taxis for non-Iranians. Taxis are available at the airport, the terminals, and almost near all tourist attractions. However, besides buses, there’s also an operating line of the metro. Taking a train on this line, you can go to Karim Khan Zand street in which many of the historical places such as Arg-e Karim khan are located or by Meydan-e Vali Asr Station you can go to Qavam Garden and Nasir al Molk Mosque.

How to Reach Shiraz

As for visitors and travelers, there are three different ways to reach Shiraz:


Three main terminals are operating with both ordinary and VIP buses in every corner of Shiraz. Shahid Karandish terminal has buses to more than 30 cities in North, South, East, and West, while Shahid Modarres terminal has operating busses for destinations in East of Shiraz, and Amirkabir terminal has busses only for those heading south of Shiraz. After all, you can easily take a bus from almost all the big cities of Iran to Shiraz.


There’s a train station with trains to and from major cities like Mashhad and Tehran. Taxis are waiting for travelers like you in the train station and will take you to the city center. Many prefer trains to be comfortable and enjoy the sound of the engine and the scenery through the small windows, while many others prefer to be on the way for fewer hours, so they go for a bus.


Shiraz Airport is one of the best and most equipped airports after Imam Khomeini Airport. This Airport operates flights to many major cities in Iran and outside Iran. Every day, flights are heading for or taking off from Istanbul, Doha, Sharjah, Dubai, and Muscat. Other than that, there are operating flights to and from Tehran, Mashhad, Kish, Rasht, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Qeshm, Ahvaz, and many other cities.

Best Time to Visit Shiraz

When’s the best time to visit Shiraz? The weather and temperature in Shiraz vary in different seasons of the year. In spring, the humidity and temperature seem to bring about a moderate climate, while in summer, it is scorching. Therefore, taking into account the beauty that blossoms only in spring, it can be the best time to visit Shiraz. On the other hand, autumn offers the most delightful weather, and therefore, it is the busiest season with tourists. The winters are a little too cold, and you might not enjoy the weather.

Things to Take Home from Shiraz

Don’t forget that the best things you take home with yourselves are memories. Your visit to Shiraz can form a significant part of your memory book. You can write about all the idyllic scenes you catch on your romantic journey. Other than all the beautiful and stunning places you can go to and all the mysteries and patterns you can discover in Persian architecture and historical attractions embedded in this wonderland, you can experience the unforgettable taste of local foods in Shiraz.
Besides the memories you collect from top attractions, there are many extraordinary handcrafts you can take home to your loved ones as souvenirs. Decorative objects like etching on metal (Ghalam-Zani), fretwork (Monabat-Kari), inlaid work (Khatam-Kari), and enamel work (Mina-kari); and goodies like Masghati (a pastry made with rose water, starch, sugar, and water), Yookhe confectionaries, lemon and lemon juice, herbal distillates, bitter orange blossoms, and souvenirs like poetry books.

Shiraz Tours

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Shiraz Hotels

There are more than 30 beautiful hotels in Shiraz with many facilities such as sports complex and high-rated restaurants serving Persian food with the best qualities. The best of them are located in the city center. Therefore, it’s easy to access the Shiraz’s top attractions. Shiraz Grand Hotel, Zandyieh Hotel, Chamran Hotel, Shiraz Pars International Hotel, and Homa Hotel are from the best ones since they are five-star hotels. Other than the mentioned luxurious hotels, there are hostels in Shiraz where you can have something beyond just a shelter and leisure facilities, and you’ll have the chance to get familiar with the culture and traditions of the Iranian lifestyle. There are traditional hotels like the Taha Hotel that create a comfortable space with the use of beautiful ancient patios and stunning traditional architecture.

Saraye Homayouni Hostel is another renovated ancient house in this city with a small blue pool in the middle of the yard and cozy rooms with traditional decorations. Forough Traditional House and Sepehri Traditional House are also among the most famous traditional hostels.

Chamran Grand Hotel
Starting from: 45 $
Trip Advisor Review: 4.5
Mahmonir traditional House
Starting from: 18 $
Trip Advisor Review: 5.0
Traditional Forough Mehr Shiraz
Starting from: 16 $
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shirazis hotel
Starting from: 29 $
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Vakil Hotel SHiraz
Starting from: 26 $
Trip Advisor Review: 4.5
Royal Shiraz Hotel
Starting from: 36 $
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karimkhan hotel building
Starting from: 33 $
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Iranmehr Boutique Hotel
Starting from: 53 $
Trip Advisor Review: 5.0
zandiyeh hotel
Starting from: 66 $
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shiraz hotel
Starting from: 47 $
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Top Attractions in Shiraz

There’s a lot to see, discover, enjoy, and feel in a city with such a multiplicity of activities and attractions. Many of them are known as the most famous attractions of Iran. Persepolis, Pasargadae, the tomb of Cyrus, Naqsh-e Rostam, and many other ancient attractions are located around this city. Lots of gardens and palaces like Eram, Afif-Abad, Delgosha, and Qavam belonging to different dynasties are scattered in the town and open to welcome the visitors who are interested in the stories they can tell about their landlords. Lots of beautiful mosques, grand bazaar, and mausoleums of eminent figures of literature are from other places you can discover in Shiraz.

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Shiraz Natural Sites

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Foods to Try in Shiraz

Best Restaurants in Shiraz

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking the Shiraz tour with Visit Our Iran is simple. Visit our website or contact our customer service team to inquire about availability, pricing, and booking options. We provide comprehensive travel packages, including flights, accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and more, to ensure a memorable experience in Shiraz.
Shiraz offers various delicious local foods, including Kalam Polow (rice with meat and cabbage), Ghanbar Polow (rice with pomegranate paste and meat), Shirazi Salad, Ghorme Beh (quince and meat stew), and the refreshing Shirazi Faloode (rosewater ice cream).
Shiraz has an efficient public transportation system, including a subway system, buses, taxis, intercity terminals, and national railways connecting major cities like Tehran and Isfahan. Additionally, online taxi applications like Snapp and Tap30 provide convenient transportation options within the city.
Shiraz is home to numerous historical and cultural attractions, including the Tomb of Saadi, Tomb of Hafez, Vakil Complex, Eram Garden, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, and Shah-e-Cheragh Holy Shrine. Additionally, nearby sites like Persepolis and Pasargadae offer insight into ancient Persian history.
Spring is considered the best time to travel to Shiraz, particularly during May when the city is adorned with the blossoms of orange trees, filling the air with a delightful fragrance. However, visitors can enjoy Shiraz’s attractions throughout the year, with distinct seasons offering unique experiences.
Shiraz has a rich historical and cultural heritage, with attractions like Persepolis, Pasargadae, and Hafez Tomb.
Shiraz is located in southwestern Iran. It is the capital of Fars Province.