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Iran culture

Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited civilizations in the world, modern-day Iranian culture is enriched by centuries of tradition. As a mostly Muslim nation, Iranian culture is also tied up with religion. Iran’s rich cultural legacy is reflected in part by its 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 12th-largest in the world. UNESCO has recognized […]

Iran cuisine

Experiencing Iranian dishes will tell you a lot about their passion for taste, color and aroma. Iranian’s respect food and in particular bread as God’s blessing. Louisa Shafia, A visit to Iran yields a stunning variety of culinary delights. Between the familiar kebab and the decidedly outré grilled lamb’s testicles, there’s a vast spectrum of […]

Iran nature

At the pivot point between the Middle East and Central Asia, Iran borders on the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, and the Caspian Sea. Much of Iran’s terrain is mountainous. The Alborz and Zagros Mountain ranges in the north and west and two deserts, Markazi and Lut, has filled Iran’s heart. The deserts of […]

Iran at a glance

Iran is a sizable country. Getting to know the country better can be a bit difficult, especially when most of what the media says about Iran are negative images of war and nuclear nonsense. There’s more to Iran than these. In this text, we’re not going to cover them all. In fact, I doubt that […]

Iran Today – What is Iran really like?

Iran Today – What is Iran really like? Iran is a country which get its fair share of the news in the western media. Politics plays a big role in where Iran stands today on a global scale. It has caused the media to portray Iran as an unsafe country full of religious fanatics. Politics […]