Darvazeh Quran (Quran Gatehouse)

The first historical structure that excites your attention as you enter Shiraz from the north is Darvazeh Quran and the leisure complex on the hillside beside it. In Iranian-Islamic culture, people hold up the Quran and pass beneath it before embarking on a new journey because they believe that this act makes their trip safe and sound in God’s protection. The structure itself was built in the 10th century, but in the period of Zands, Karim Khan ordered a small restoration and put a Quran at the top of this gatehouse so that people who are about to break their journey are to be protected and blessed by God. Passing this gatehouse and gazing at it from the teahouses and restaurants of the hillside at night is an unforgettable feeling you don’t want to miss. The tomb of Khwaju Kermani, one of the greatest poets of Iran, is also located at the entrance of the park on the hillside.

Mitra Gholami
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