How much is the Iranian visa fee? (2020 Edition)

How Much is Iran Visa Fee?

Applying for an Iranian visa isn’t for free. At least not for most countries. There are different visa fees for various visitors. The amount of money you need to pay as a non-Iranian depends on the visa type, as well as the country you’re from. In this post we’re going to focus on the tourist visa for Iran.

At the moment, citizens from the following countries can enter Iran without Visa: Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Venezuela, Georgia, Bolivia, Malaysia, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Syria. Needless to say that the list might change in the future and Iranian officials might decide to add more countries to the list. This is true as of 2020.

Visitors from the visa-free list can travel to the beautiful Iran for a certain amount of time. It is as it follows:

  • Armenia (90 Days)
  • Turkey (90 Days)
  • Azerbaijan (30 Days)
  • Egypt (20 Days)
  • Malaysia (15 Days)
  • Bolivia (30 Days)
  • Georgia (45 Days)
  • Lebanon (30 Days)
  • Serbia (30 Days)
  • Venezuela (15 Days)

However, if you’re not a citizen from any of the countries listed above, you need to apply for a visa either in advance or on arrival. Although for some countries it’s only “in advance”, and you can’t get visa on arrival. These countries include: the USA, Canada, UK, Somalia, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. However, if you’re not from any of these countries, you may apply for a VOA.  Depending on where you’re from, the price varies from 10 euros to 150. In the table below, you can find the complete list of the counties and how much their citizens have to pay to enter Iran.

How much is Iran visa fee?
Nationality Fee (Euro) NationalityFee (Euro)
Algeria 30Malawi 60
Australia 145Mexico 45
Austria 75Moldavia 70
Bahrain 10Mongolia 70
Belarus 25Morocco 30
Belgium 75Nepal 40
Bhutan 30Netherlands 75
Bosnia 50New Zealand 150
Brazil 80Niger 45
Bulgaria 75Nigeria 55
Cameroon 60Norway 75
Chad 100Oman 75
Chile 120Palestine 45
China 100Panama 55
Croatia 50Paraguay 50
Cuba 75Philippine 55
Cyprus 75Poland 75
Czech75Portugal 75
Denmark 75Qatar 75
Ecuador 40Romania 75
El Salvador 60Russia 70
Eritrea 40Saudi Arabia 30
Estonia 75Senegal 50
Fiji 55Sierra Leone 120
Finland 75Singapore 75
France 75Slovakia & Slovenia 75
Gabon 75South Africa 80
Germany 75South Korea 50
Ghana 75Spain 75
Greece 75Sweden 75
Guinea 75Switzerland 75
Guyana 60Taiwan 100
Hong Kong 80Tajikistan 30
Indonesia 45Thailand 75
Ireland 75Tunisia 12
Iceland 75Turkmenistan 60
Italy 75UAE 100
Japan 60Uganda 100
Kazakhstan 70Ukraine 80
Kenya 60Uzbekistan 70
Kuwait 60Vietnam 100
Libya 30Yemen 40
Lithuania 75Zambia 70
Luxembourg 75Zimbabwe 45
Macedonia 50
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