The Best Souvenirs of Your Journey to Iran: 12 Travelers Tell Us about What They Found to Be the Best Persian Souvenirs

There’s something special about all souvenirs regardless of what they are! Buying or keeping a souvenir is like taking a piece of your journey with you. Souvenirs are like mementos, and taking them with you means how important and valuable your moments have been in a particular time or place. Many times, souvenirs recount the stories of your journeys better than words and descriptions. 

When it comes to souvenirs of Iran, specific handicrafts come to mind, and the most vivid of which are the carpets. Both Persian carpets and Persian rugs have been considered to be one of the most invaluable products of Iranian art and culture in the course of history. When I asked Sankara about his preferred object as a souvenir from Iran, he replied: