Khaju Bridge

Khaju Bridge is another choice of people who want to enjoy their evening in the serenity provided by the reddish hue during sunset and the fantastic sound of people chanting the old Persian songs. Not so far from Si-o-se-pol Bridge, Khaju bridge, and the celebrated pavilion in the middle of it were built by Shah Abbas the second. The central pavilion, with its appealing paintings and tiling, was a temporary residence to the royal family. There are two stone lions at both entrances of the bridge with legends having that the eyes of these two powerful guardians glitter in midnights.

When talking about the Khaju Bridge, we’re not just talking about a bridge or a dam, but we talk about one of the most famous places that people tend to gather, where they get inspired by the turquoise tiling on the bricks and sing for the rest of night. Many young artists play their music under the arches of this bridge and seize an enormous audience of lovers who came to spend their nights. Khaju has had a vital role in the nightlife of people in Isfahan and it’s one of the reasons why people call Isfahan “half of the world”.

You’d be astonished by the view either way, no matter where you’re looking at. The glory and strength of the central pavilion blow your mind; the light of the river from one of the iwans can be picturesque, and even the natural beauty of the park that has stretched along Zayande-rud is admirable. And to perceive all that beauty, all you need to do is looking all around and losing yourself in the liveliness that commands over the place. This iconic masterpiece was also built on an older bridge around 1650 and magnetizes everyone’s soul by its exceptional design.

Mitra Gholami
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