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Mesr Desert in Isfahan

Isfahan's Mesr Desert

Iran has embraced a number of the most beautiful deserts in its arms, and Mesr Desert is one of those located in Isfahan province. Although the distance from Isfahan to this desert is about 400kms, the beauty that tethers the ground to the sky in this particular region entices every individual to go for a great adventure among the sands. Thousands of tourists venture for this trek to uncover the mysteries lying under the sand dunes of Mesr desert.

There are lots of recreational activities provided here, such as biking motorcycling, and camel riding. One exciting attraction of this site is the sand hills around the village of Mesr, where the wind has shaped strange and appealing figures. The nearby Mesr Village also enfolds exceptional structure that has adapted itself to the arid climate of the area and it worth visiting. The irrigational system and the wells in this village have been always amusing to the visitors.

One shared feature of the village and its surrounding desert is the sparkly night that reveals itself as soon as the last traces of sun sink into the sand dunes. People either sit on the roofs of old houses of the village or sit around the fire in the heart of the desert and sink into the ocean of stars. Don’t forget your cameras and do not miss the picturesque sceneries of the desert.

If you hang out with the locals you get to hear about the story behind the name of this place; when people owed their life to the person who dug the wells of the town and his name was Joseph. The people called their village Mesr since they believed what Joseph did to their village was equal to what Joseph, the prophet, did to Mesr (the Arabic word for Egypt).

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