Mio Iran: 5000 km through Iran (video)

This video will change the way you see Iran.

Many travelers who visit Iran for the first time, become surprised by how Iran is different from their prior understanding. Last year, we shared with you the amazing video by Tolt named ‘Don’t go to Iran’.

This time, Sebastian Linda, German traveler and film maker and his wife, made a beautiful production during their visit to Iran. We are happy to share their art with you.

Linda wrote on his facebook: When you saw Portugal vs Iran yesterday combined with this video. You will understand the passion for life from the Iranian people. “Everybody wants to be free one day”

Iran Glory Tour

Iran Glory Tour

14 Destinations; 13 Days

Iran UNESCO highlights

Iran UNESCO Highlights

11 Destinations; 10 Days

Heart of Ancient Persia

Heart of Ancient Persia

9 Destinations; 8 Days

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