Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan

As you step in Naqsh-e Jahan Square (literally meaning the pattern of the world) located at the center of Isfahan, You are faced with a feeling of anachronism; it is as if you have stepped into a place belonging to a different period. As a heritage of the glory and grandeur of the Safavid dynasty, the name of this grand square is in the World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO. The historical buildings standing on four sides of this square are each one known as an invaluable gem. The square embraces beautiful arrays of fountains that are situated amid flower beds, and walking amongst them is a real pleasure to the spirit in the evenings. The oldest polo field of the world located at this square is a representation of royal culture in Iran. The square is a real gallery containing the outstanding Shah Mosque, the astonishing Ali Qapu Palace, the incredible Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the magnificent Qeysarie Gate, and Bazaar, lots of souvenir and craft stores, and horse-drawn carriages that move between them with their nostalgic sound of bells.

Alongside the sound of the horses’ bells, you’ll hear the tales of people who find the main square of town the best place to hang out, chatter, and camp. You can join their company and, for sure, you’d love spending time with the warm people of Isfahan. The square itself also has its own stories to tell, from the ancient royal ceremonies that were held on its ground each year to today’s festivals and contests. As you walk in this giant rectangular square which is the second-largest square in the world, the warmth of the delicious stores of Gaz, Poolaki, and Sohan tempts you to rush in and have a bite at least to try. That would be the best idea to sit on the green grasses of the site and take picturesque snapshots of the sinking sun on the horizon shedding its red shreds of light on the spectacular monuments enclosing this heavenly place.

The vaulted bazaar surrounding this square is where you hear the buzzing people calling for you. Among the principal monuments nestles this chain of tiny colorful stores aligning on the sides of a covered architecture, where you get to see many of handicrafts that are made only in Isfahan. Your jaw drops as your eyes fall on the patterns that the artists etch on metals or print on fabrics. The handicrafts, the splendor of the architecture, the tranquil sight of the square, and the surrounding domes and arcades mesmerizes all the many travelers and tourists who come to see this great attraction of Isfahan each year.

Mitra Gholami
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