Nazhvan Forest Park in Isfahan

At the heart of Mother Nature enfolding the picturesque environs of Isfahan, there’s a large complex of recreational attractions where most local people go for picnics. If they see you, you will be invited to have a cup of tea or two with them. The park has different sections for people with different interests, such as the exciting Isfahan Aquarium, the beautiful collection displayed at the Seashell Museum, the Reptile House, and the Birds’ Garden. It would be a perfect experience to get on a chairlift and move slowly over the river, especially in autumn, when the leaves are temptingly changing colors.

Luckily, this emerald spot of town has remained undisturbed by the planned city extensions and has been like a fresh breath to the whole town. So, if you get tired of visiting historical treasures of Iran, this is the right place for a mood swing. Nazhvan Park beholds what it actually suggests through its name as well, since it is a two-part word that generally means the place of trees. Besides the natural attraction of this place, the facilities take many locals and tourists here, the lungs of the town. Bird Garden, reptile house, aquarium, and dolphinarium are interesting to those people who love to observe the life of different types of animals. On the other hand, many visitors are interested in the sporting facilities like swimming pool, boating, horse riding, and biking fields that are provided for them. Kids ask their parents’ permission and insist on trying the kids’ water park. Finally, in this recreational complex, you get to see lively people happily camping at the campsite. Here, you get to feel life flowing forward.

Mitra Gholami
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