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Hi! I am Mohamad Hosein, a graduate student of tourism management who loves reading and backpacking! I am especially interested in all the different ethnicities and cultures of Iran. Whenever I get the chance, I pack my backpack and head out to somewhere new. So far, I have been to some pretty off-the-beaten-track places in Iran. I try to share my stories and raise awareness about the lesser-known parts of Iran.

“Road Trip Middle East: Iran” Film by Kylie Flavell

Filmmaker kyle flavell in iran middle east road trip

Recently, Kyle Flavell, has traveled to to the Middle East. She a journalist, producer and above all, film-maker and editor. She starts her Middle East road trip in Dubai, where she does part I of her video. Then, after leaving Dubai, she starts her Iran series in four more episodes. Her First Iran episode is in Shiraz: “A city known for flowers, gardens, literature, and poetry”. You can watch her first episode here; in the first few minutes of the video she tries to deal with the current image of Iran throughout the world, and that Iran is generally a very safe country!

In the second episode, she travels to Isfahan, a city so beautiful and romantic, that it’s often compared to Rome and Venice. Here she dines with an Isfahani family and has a great time. She films with so much passion that we feel we’re there with her!

Next up is Kashan and the gigantic Tehran. In Episode four of Road Trip Middle East, she explores the beauties of Kashan, heart of traditional Iran and then Tehran, the modern and liberal city of Iran.

In her last episode, she leaves Tehran to travel to the north-western parts of the country, namely the fascinating village of Kandovan and then the city of Tabriz.

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