Roozegar Cafe in Isfahan

What would be better than relaxing in the pleasant space of a traditionally designed cafe after visiting the gem in the center of Isfahan, Naqsh-e Jahan? The outside carpentry works and the sound of water gently falling over the surface of the small pool invites you to the calming atmosphere of this café, which is located near the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. This place is also called “Sharbat Khane” among Persian people since it’s very famous for its drinks. But if you’re not in the mood for sweet drinks, don’t miss the taste and aroma of Persian tea.

The tranquil atmosphere of this café invites you to take your time and read a book for hours. The staff are kind and will not bother you trying to get a second or third order; but they are there for you as you might need them. The walls and space of the café both inside and outside are designed in a traditional way; however, you get to have different types of drinks, from mojito to different types of coffee, tea, herbal drinks, or sweet juices.

One more interesting fact about this café is the trace you get to leave there as a memento. Yes, people come to this café, order, and go back to their home; but sometimes they want to put their thoughts on paper, either through a quote, a poem, or a piece of writing that they can put on the walls of the café. Sometimes, seconds worth beyond traces in the memory that might fade away and they beg you to put them into words, and share them other people.

Mitra Gholami
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