Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh in Yazd

Situated on the northern side of Amir Chakhmaq square, Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh is where you can see the Iranians practice the traditional and ancient sport of Iran including movements using heavy wooden clubs synced with the rhythm of the drum and verses of religious narratives. In the course of this cultural and religious ritual, the souls of the men who whirl along the climax of the chanting song reach high levels of religiosity deep in their heart and manners. Therefore, the manners of those who attend the exercises in Zurkhaneh is another interesting cultural element you get to see; these people are supposed to be chivalrous, courteous, and brave. This exceptional Zurkhaneh was built in a way that it actually replaced a water reservoir and tourists are welcomed to watch the display from the grandstand around the central exercise area.

Mitra Gholami
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