Shah-e Cheragh holy shrine and museum (Ahmad ibn-e Mousa)

One of the most important sacred places to Iranian people is Shah-e Cheragh Holy Shrine; therefore, lots of pilgrims and local tourists come to visit the shrine and burial place of the brother of Imam Reza. Lots of foreign tourists also visit this holy place each year since its spiritual atmosphere, and the beauty of its shiny shrine is surprisingly appealing to them. Unlike Hafezieh and Sa’dieh, women are not allowed to go in to visit the shrine without chadors. However, there are a lot of flowered chadors ready to be given to you; women tourists are usually excited to wear those beautiful chadors and feel a part of Islamic culture dominant in Iran. You can also have a free tour guide telling you about the architecture, history, and the composition of mirrors in the roof and walls of the mosque, which is breathtaking. Even sitting in the courtyard and looking at Muslims praying and calling for God leaves you an unforgettable feeling. owing in water streams to reach the pool.

Mitra Gholami
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