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Tourism is back! Iran Resumes Issuance of Tourist Visas in October 2021

Iran VISA 2021

The good news is that Iran has planned to reopen its borders and resume granting tourist visas by the next month.

Last Monday, on World Tourism Day, the tourism minister of Iran, Ezatollah Zarghami, announced that the issuance of tourist visas would be resumed from the first of Aban, which is equally the 23rd of October. By order of Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s President, the minister announced that the government has declared to all the relevant organizations that issuing visas for tourists must be approved, and we will hopefully we will observe the flow of foreign tourists either by land or air again after 19 months of suspension. 

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 breakout, many travel businesses such as tour operators, hoteliers, and even local businesses have suffered through many troubles and conundrums. Many companies and individuals were hit by the pandemic and thus faced unemployment, bankruptcy, and huge debts. With the news of the issuance of tourist visas, there’s hope for the tourism industry to survive and blossom again.

Still, steps towards that are still taken cautiously as the committee of Iran’s anti-Coronavirus taskforce emphasized as well:

“We can resume issuing visas for tourists who are interested; yet, this new regulation excludes travelers from countries that have been declared to be highly risky by the WHO.”

Vaccination in Iran

After the spread of the Delta variant in August and the latest peak that his Iran very hard, the government officials made every endeavor to accelerate the vaccination programs throughout the country and put an end to the high number of mortality reports given each day. Consequently, the country’s new case reports decreased dramatically, and the daily vaccination rate is rising among Iranians. Now, with efficient plans and decisive steps taken against the pandemic, all demanded conditions have stabilized, and the government, as well as the committee of Iran’s anti-Coronavirus taskforce, have decided to lift the visa restrictions in order to help the tourism industry. 

Although tourism dropped off by 94% during the last 19 months, Iran is still one of the best tourist destinations due to its unique culture, notable historical legacies, stunning natural sceneries, and the unforgettable hospitality of its people.

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