Varzaneh Desert in Isfahan

Known as one of the most facilitated deserts in Iran, Varzaneh Desert is about 117km away from Isfahan and on the contrary, very close to the Gavkhouni wetland with its exciting wildlife. The exceptional Varzaneh Salt Lake is what you cannot miss about this desert. Right behind the flowing sand hills of this desert lies the crystalized fields of salt lake. What remained of the evaporation of salty waters has created a shiny white landscape where you feel detached, looking at the sunset throwing its pink-hued rays on the white crystals of salt.

There are many adventurous activities in this area that raise your heart rate and induce adrenaline to run all over your veins. One of these activities is sand surfing on the hills of a hundred meters height that is very popular besides SUV riding, paragliding, camping, and many other pleasures, like watching the starry nights of the desert. The main drive of a great number of people who come to visit this wonderful plain that has turned yellow in the hands of the sun is to find peace and tranquility far from the buzzing heart of the town, far from the chaotic thoughts of everyday life. So, they simply camp and sit around the warm fire they lit near their tent. They gaze at the stars and start to tell the best of their stories, no matter fictional or actual. What matters is their warm circle of friends in the heart of the cold dark desert and their happy voices echoing in the atmosphere.

This grand desert stretches for nearly 60km from the wetland to the city of Varzaneh and has been a popular desert not only among the people of the country but also, among the people of the world. Although you might have heard about the amazing features of this desert, you have no idea what surprises it has in its sand dunes for you. Varzaneh town is the nearest town to the sand dunes in which you can see camels or ride on them. After your exciting day in the desert, you can go back to Varzaneh and spend the night at Varzaneh Traditional Guest house, where you authentically feel like you’re living in a traditional house in the middle of desert.

Mitra Gholami
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