Authentic Experience of Nature at Yara Eco-resort

The morning breeze crept into the car as I rolled down the window. I was mesmerized by the beautiful sceneries around me and needed to breathe in some of that wonderful smell of late summer. I was on an incredible road trip to reach Tonekabon, and Chalus road was even more than welcoming with its gorgeous landscapes. 

In order to run away from the hectic life of the city, I was going to spend a few days in the gentle hands of Mother Nature. I had booked a boutique hotel that was located in the small village of Kalachpa through the recommendation of a dear friend. 

When I reached my destination, I could smell the lovely scent of water mixed with the soil in the air. It was raining so lightly that you could not see the drops of water; you could only feel their moisture against your skin. On my left hand, I found the wooden door of a housing complex named Yara right in the middle jungle, built against the rocky ranges of a mountain.

At Yara Eco-resort

Yara ecolodge

I was instantly welcomed with big warm smiles. I felt like I had entered a small beautiful village with various lovely cottages right amid green forests. I could not believe that I was actually walking in the yard of an actual hotel. After checking in, one of the friendly members of the staff walked me to my room and offered to show me around in the afternoon. I was more than happy to accept her offer and enjoy the dazzling beauty and serenity of the surrounding areas. 

Ms. Tabatabaei took me to one of the cottages that was round and domed on the roof. All these small houses were in beige adobe and had submitted to the gentleness of the forest to cast a harmonious spell on the whole area. Still, I was more shocked to find out the luxurious setting of the indoor space of my cute domed cottage. I felt I had my own house moved with the same ease and comfort to someplace amongst the trees; yes, it felt like home. The staff were also friends instead of strangers; their sincere friendliness made the place even comfier. 


However, the wonders of this fantastic eco-resort were not only limited to its cute houses. Yara eco-resort had many stories to tell and various experiences to offer. When I joined Ms. Tabatabaei in the afternoon, she said that they sought to create a space where every visitor or traveler would feel that they belong. “We want you to feel the warm embrace of a family” she said. 

Then she showed me a little garden where rows of tomato, pepper, and cucumbers were planted. She explained that this little tourist farm belongs to all the members of our family, and everyone, including the visitors, can pick whatever they wish. She went on: “The authenticity of this experience also relies on the organic and healthy food that is served. We are happy to have our own little farm as well as many local people beside us who provide us with products such as milk and dairy.”

Unique Experiences I had at Yara Eco-resort

Baba Moheb Pottery

Ms. Tabatabaei then asked me if I had free time for an exciting experience in one of the surrounding areas, and I was glad to say yes. Just like a local friend who will show you around, Fatemeh took me to Salim Abad village. She told me that these beautiful thatched houses had formed a tight union with one of the fundamental elements of the universe; the soil of the earth. In that beautiful adobe house, we found an artist couple who had immersed themselves into the art of pottery. All over the place, you could find bowls, vases, and urns, and in the middle, there was a man with his kick wheel. After receiving us with a hearty and sincere welcome, the man smiled at me and asked: “Do you like to try?” Although hesitated, I felt a strong urge in myself that made me nod. Feeling and shaping the cold clay under on wet fingers was one of the most mind-soothing experiences of my life. After this peaceful experience at Baba Moheb Pottery House, I was curious to discover more about the experiences and places nearby Yara Eco-resort.

Afra house

“There are many nearby attractions besides the beautiful nature and dense, untouched forests of Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar. Falakdeh hot spring and its off-the-beaten path are among the best choices you can add to your list. We have had guests who were stuck in the way and mesmerized by the charms of this forest; they never got to reach their initial destination. If you’d like some mild hiking for a holiday morning, I recommend you venture for Daryasar Plain and camp for the night. The sight of late night expending over this majestic plain and gazing up at hundreds of stars will inject loads of good feeling and extreme tranquility into your veins. Asal Mahale is also a heavenly village to wander and, of course, find a lot of sweet honey since the name of this village suggests; well, “asal” is the Farsi equivalent of honey.” Said my friend, Fatemeh.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of roosters celebrating a brand-new day. One thing I really liked about this resort was how the staff cared if the room suited your mood. Travelers can choose among the houses with various heating systems, facilities, architecture, and views. I had selected “Baloot” for its circular setting and geometric architecture. 

To enjoy the poetic combination of breeze and beams of morning, I set out to the resort’s conservatory. Inside the glass walls of this beautiful room, I found a little girl who was planting a flower with her tiny fingers and, of course, the assistance of the greenhouse keeper. Besides enjoying her utmost care and love for that little plant, I enjoyed watching how her family looked at her with their eyes filled with pride and affection. 


Yara Eco-resort was an attraction on its own; you could spend the whole day in the area and not be bored at all. The gallery of Iranian handicrafts was also one of the significant parts of this ecolodge. I could choose to spend my time with other travelers in the gym or play badminton with a new friend, or I could join a small group tour to the nearby dairy farm. There were many opportunities for new, rare experiences, and my dear friend, Ms. Tabatabaei, told me that many national festivals such as Charshanbeh Soori, as it is practiced among the people of Mazandaran, as well as many social events such as Yoga and meditation workshops are held monthly and annually at Yara eco-resort.

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