Authentic Experience of Nature at Yara Ecolodge

As the morning sun brightened the sky, I felt drawn in by the peaceful feeling captivating me. Driving towards Tonekabon every mile made me more excited, especially with the beautiful views along the Chalus road. I rolled down the window to let in the cool breeze, eager to enjoy the late summer weather.

I was craving a break from city life’s hustle and bustle, so I set off in search of peace in nature. I couldn’t wait for my stay at Yara Eco Resort, a place where I hoped to relax and recharge surrounded by greenery. A friend had recommended it, describing it as a peaceful getaway where travelers could escape the stresses of daily life and reconnect with nature’s beauty.

Following my friend’s advice, I booked a room at a cozy boutique hotel in the quiet village of Kalachpa. I was filled with anticipation as I looked forward to experiencing the calm and charm of this hidden retreat in the rolling hills.

Arriving at my destination, I was greeted by the refreshing scent of water mingling with the earthy aroma of soil in the air. A gentle rain fell, so fine that it seemed more like a mist, caressing my skin with its delicate moisture. To my left, amidst the lush jungle foliage, stood the wooden door of Yara Ecolodge, its rustic charm harmonizing with the rugged beauty of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Yara ecolodge

My Experience at Yara Eco Resort

Upon my arrival, I was greeted with wide, warm smiles that instantly made me feel at home. It was as if I had stepped into a quaint village amidst lush green forests, with charming cottages dotting the landscape. It was hard to believe that I was standing in the courtyard of a hotel.

After checking in, a friendly host at Yara Ecolodge escorted me to my room and kindly offered to give me a tour later in the afternoon. I eagerly accepted, eager to explore the enchanting beauty and tranquility of the surroundings.

Fatemeh led me to one of the round, domed cottages, blending seamlessly with the natural landscape in its beige adobe hues. Each cottage seemed to have embraced the gentle embrace of the forest, creating a harmonious ambiance throughout the area.


However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the luxurious interior of my quaint domed cottage. It felt like my own cozy haven located among the trees; indeed, it felt like home. Yara personnel felt more like friends than strangers, their genuine warmth adding to the comfort of the place.

The charm of Yara Ecolodge extended far beyond its quaint cottages. This eco-haven had a multitude of tales to share and experiences to offer. When I met Fatemeh in the afternoon, she expressed their mission to cultivate a sense of belonging for every guest. “We aim for visitors to feel embraced as part of our family,” she remarked warmly.

Leading me to a small garden, Fatemeh revealed rows of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers flourishing. She elaborated that this tourist farm was a communal effort, belonging to all members of their extended family, where guests were encouraged to partake in the harvest.

“The authenticity of our guests’ experience is paramount, reflected not only in the fresh, organic produce we serve but also in our close ties with local farmers,” she explained. “We take pride in our own little farm and the relationships we’ve fostered with neighboring suppliers who provide us with essentials like milk and dairy.”

Baba Moheb Pottery

Yara Ecolodge: A Must-Visit Spot

Fatemeh then asked if I had any free time for an exciting adventure in the surrounding areas, and I eagerly agreed. Like a local friend eager to show off their hometown, she took me to Salim Abad village. She explained how the charming thatched houses had a deep connection with the earth, forming a harmonious union with one of the fundamental elements of the universe.

In one exquisite adobe house, we met an artist couple deeply immersed in the art of pottery. Everywhere we looked, there were bowls, vases, and urns, with a man at the center skillfully operating his kick wheel. Welcoming us warmly, he smiled and asked, “Would you like to try?” Despite my initial hesitation, I felt a strong urge within me, prompting me to nod in agreement. Molding the cold clay between my fingers was one of the most soothing experiences of my life. After this tranquil visit to Baba Moheb Pottery House, I was eager to explore more experiences and attractions near Yara Ecolodge.

Afra house

My friend Fatemeh shared some wonderful insights about the many attractions near Yara Ecolodge. Apart from the breathtaking natural beauty and dense, untouched forests of Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar, she mentioned Falakdeh hot spring as a must-visit spot off the beaten path. She recounted stories of guests who, captivated by the allure of the surrounding forest, never reached their intended destination.

For those seeking a mild hiking adventure on a holiday morning, Fatemeh suggested exploring Daryasar Plain and camping overnight. She described the serene sight of twilight spreading over the majestic plain, offering a mesmerizing view of countless stars that would fill one’s heart with peace and tranquility.

Fatemeh also recommended visiting Asal Mahaleh, a heavenly village known for its abundance of sweet honey, as suggested by its name, ‘asal,’ which means honey in Farsi. These enticing destinations promise unforgettable experiences for travelers exploring the area around Yara Ecolodge.

The following morning, I was greeted by the cheerful crowing of roosters, signaling the start of a new day. One aspect I particularly admired about Yara Ecolodge was the attention to detail in ensuring guests’ comfort. Travelers had the opportunity to select accommodations tailored to their preferences, including various heating systems, amenities, architectural styles, and scenic views. Intrigued by its circular layout and geometric design, I had chosen the “Baloot” house for my stay.

Eager to enjoy the serene morning atmosphere, I ventured to the resort’s conservatory. Inside the elegant glass walls of this enchanting space, I encountered a young girl delicately planting a flower with her tiny fingers under the watchful guidance of the greenhouse keeper. Witnessing her tender care and the pride-filled gaze of her family filled me with a sense of warmth and admiration.


Yara Ecolodge was an attraction in itself; one could easily spend an entire day exploring the area without feeling bored. The gallery showcasing Iranian handicrafts was a highlight of this ecolodge. Guests had a variety of activities to choose from, whether it was socializing with fellow travelers in the gym, playing badminton with newfound friends, or joining a small group tour of a nearby dairy farm. There were abundant opportunities for unique and enriching experiences.

My dear friend, Fatemeh, also informed me about the many national festivals, such as Charshanbeh Soori, celebrated by the people of Mazandaran, as well as social events like yoga and meditation workshops, which were held monthly and annually at Yara Ecolodge. These events added to the vibrant atmosphere and sense of community at the resort, making it a truly memorable destination for travelers.

Mitra Gholami
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