Kimia Raghebi

Being exposed to the brilliant Iranian tradition, historical monuments, and artistic artifacts throughout my life has always thrilled me. Traces of such joyful fascination have become more tangible in me ever since I chose literature and creative writing as my profession... So here I am; traveling, experiencing, enjoying, and jotting down every bit of them all for you to sense its magical wonder through my lens!

Fashion: Not a Very Modern Concept

Traditional Iranian Clothing

Fashion might seem to be a modern concept, however what it represents goes back in history to very old times. It won’t be wrong if we say that every piece of clothing tells a story. As dressing up has not always been a means just to cover the body, instead it has always represented an idea about the person who is wearing it; who they are, where they come from, what they do.

In Iran, like anywhere else in the world, clothing has always had a special role. In a land so vast with people living in it for more than 5000 years, clothing has come a long way to be what it is today, and has a lot to say.

Here in this blog, the life of fashion in Iran unfolds, you will read about its journey and some of its aspects: