Iran culture

Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited civilizations in the world, modern-day Iranian culture is enriched by centuries of tradition. As a mostly Muslim nation, Iranian culture is also tied up with religion.
Iran’s rich cultural legacy is reflected in part by its 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 12th-largest in the world.
UNESCO has recognized 19 sites in Iran as World Heritage Sites.This includes Arg-e Bam as the largest adobe structure in the world. Magnificent Persepolis, now in ruins, but an awe-inspiring reminder of Iran’s glory during the Achaemenid Empire. Mosques regarded as one of the masterpieces of Persian Architecture, with stunning tiles and Islamic calligraphic inscriptions. A detailed tour of Persian architecture provide the opportunity to trace back the nations long journey from the the prehistoric era to the medieval era and Islamic golden age and modern era. We encourage you to experience our culture by getting to know our people. There you will finde people with incredible hospitality and in love with their art and poetry.

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