feeliran project to promote tourism in Iran

Hoda Rostami, an Iranian traveler and influencer, has been working in a project under the hashtag #feeliran with an Instagram page of the same name, to promote Iranian tourism. The people involved in the project have been striving to show Iran as a beautiful, rich as well as a safe destination for other travelers. And how did they do this? How have they tried to invite more people into Iran? Well, that’s where the story begins.

The Turkish government organized a trip and invited Hoda and some other influencers from all over the world to participate in an itinerary to the lesser-known parts of Turkey. That’s where Hoda got the idea of making the same journey with a group influencers, but this time in her home country, Iran. These types of trips are called Fam Trips. Short for Familiarization Trip, they intend to familiarize a big name to a new destination so that the public will follow. Having traveled all over the world as solo female traveler, she has loads of traveling experience under her belt.

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The project goes by the hashtags: #feeliran and #letsfeeliran and is available @feeliran on Instagram. Some of the influencers Hoda has invited are Çiler Geçici, VuThéara Kham, Mehmet Kırali, Artem Shestakov, Alex Atmolex from different parts of the world.

In the past, Visit Our Iran also did a Fam Trip for two influencers from the US. The result of their trip was so many rich experiences in Iranian culture and a handful of blog posts as well as some videos:

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Iran UNESCO Highlights

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Iran Glory Tour

Iran Glory Tour

14 Destinations; 13 Days

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