Nakhl & Narges guest house in Korit, Iran’s enchanting desert oasis

In the heart of the Iranian central desert, just 20 kilometers south of Tabas, lies the enchanting Nakhl & Narges Traditional Guest House in the village of Korit. Comprising two distinct yards, one named after the iconic palm tree (Nakhl) and the other after the delicate Poet’s narcissus flower (Narges), these traditional desert houses warmly welcome visitors and tourists from around the globe. Immerse yourself in the captivating history and stories these ancient walls hold, and experience the profound authenticity and historical richness during your stay.


Unveiling the Past: From Caravanserai to Guest House

Nakhl & Narges stands as a testament to history, having originated as a caravanserai over 300 years ago. During the Safavid and Qajarid eras, weary merchants, traders, and travelers traversing the Silk Road found solace in the rooms of this historic caravanserai. However, in 1978, a devastating earthquake struck, leaving Korit and 84 neighboring villages in ruins. The resilient spirit of Nakhl & Narges prevailed, with the dedicated efforts of Mr. Zarabi, Mr. Yazdani, and Mr. Kaboli, who undertook the restoration in 2016. The result is a beautifully renovated guest house, preserving the charm of its historical roots.

Embracing Tradition: Architecture and Ambiance

The purpose behind Nakhl & Narges is not just to provide accommodations but to offer a gateway to traditional Iranian history and culture. The rooms, crafted with local mud and brick, emanate a natural and authentic aura. Unlike urban spaces, these rooms allow life to flow seamlessly within. Experience tranquility and peace, particularly in the cool desert nights under the starry sky.


Beyond the Walls: Exploring the Desert Oasis

Upon arrival, guests can delve into various activities, exploring the nearby waterfalls, remnants of an old castle, and a mosque built on the ruins of a Zoroastrian fire temple. Day tours beckon with wonders like the Morteza Ali Spring, known for its beauty and medicinal properties, and the mysterious Kal Jeni Valley, “the valley of the jinns.” For an extraordinary experience, embark on a journey to the Halvan desert, just an hour’s drive away, where desert architecture and a historic castle await.

Immersive Village Life: Activities around Nakhl & Narges

The guest house is not just a place to rest; it’s a hub for cultural experiences. Engage in local farming, explore historical Ab Anbars (traditional water reservoirs), or relish a night in the awe-inspiring desert. The friendly staff ensures every visitor departs with cherished memories. Don’t miss the opportunity to sleep under the starry nights on the rooftops—a tradition passed down through generations.


If you’re planning to visit Tabas and the surrounding deserts, Nakhl & Narges Traditional Guest House is a must-visit, promising an unforgettable blend of tradition, history, and warm hospitality.

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