Kimia Raghebi

Being exposed to the brilliant Iranian tradition, historical monuments, and artistic artifacts throughout my life has always thrilled me. Traces of such joyful fascination have become more tangible in me ever since I chose literature and creative writing as my profession... So here I am; traveling, experiencing, enjoying, and jotting down every bit of them all for you to sense its magical wonder through my lens!
Kimia Raghebi

Pahlevani and Zourkhaneh Rituals

Pahlevani and Zurkhane Rituals

Different forms of sports have been practiced throughout years of human existence on earth, on which the geographical, cultural, and historical elements have left their mark in a way that these sports are shaped to represent the country’s moral, historical and cultural standards.

Pahlevani and Zourkhaneh rituals and athletics is the name that stands for traditional Iranian athletics. It essentially is a form of wrestling and preparations for it, in the form of gymnastic movements and climaxing with the core of combat practice. This originated in ancient Persia hundreds of years back and has led the way for modern-day wrestling. However, these types of ancient athletic performances include more than just wrestling. In this blog, we will introduce Iran’s ancient athletics, the rituals related to it, and the meaning behind it all.