Mitra Gholami

Top 10 Boutique Hotels of Iran

Boutique Hotels of Iran

Having witnessed great eras and reigns in the course of its 7000-year-old history, Iran has embraced historical structures and stunning mansions that can very well represent the delicacies of Iranian architecture. On the other hand, these historical treasure, their design, and plans can portray the details and nuances of the Iranian lifestyle in light of its architecture. What would be more authentic and delightful than spending the nights in a hotel that represents the history and ancient lifestyle of a nation when traveling to a new destination? If you agree, then Iran is one of the best destinations for you to consider. Many of the historical mansions and houses have been renovated and repurposed into boutique hotels and traditional hostels in Iran. In this blog, I will introduce you to Iran’s top boutique hotels. Follow me and see why each and every one of these boutique hotels is worth a visit.