Top Picks for Your Stay in Kish Island 2024: Hotels & Prices

Kish Island is a sparkling gem in the Persian Gulf, famous for its sunny beaches, exciting water sports, and beautiful landscapes. If you’re thinking about visiting in 2024, you’ll need a great place to stay. Kish Island has many hotels that offer comfort, delicious food, and are close to fun activities. Let’s look at some of the best hotels in Kish Island for 2024, what they offer, and how much it might cost.

shaygan hotel

Shaygan is one of the top choices for visitors, offering luxury and comfort with a touch of local culture. It has a swimming pool, several restaurants, and is close to the beach.

Starting from:105 USD
Parmis Hotel

Parmis is known for its friendly service and modern rooms. It offers guests a variety of dining options and is conveniently located near shopping centers.

Starting from:112 USD
Amirkabir Hotel

Amirkabir provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It's a great spot for families, offering spacious rooms and easy access to the island's attractions.

Starting from:92 USD
Marina Park Hotel

Marina Park is set in a beautiful location with stunning views of the sea. It offers luxurious accommodations and is perfect for those looking for relaxation and adventure in nature.

Starting from:31 USD
Shayan Hotel

Shayan is a top choice for those seeking elegance and comfort. With its beautiful architecture and excellent service, it's a peaceful retreat after a day of exploring.

Starting from:144 USD
Vida Hotel TopTours

Vida offers a modern and chic stay experience. It's ideal for travelers looking for stylish accommodations close to the nightlife and beaches of Kish.

Starting from:143 USD
Aramis Plus Hotel

Aramis Plus is a newer addition to Kish's hotel scene, offering contemporary rooms and amenities. It's great for business travelers and tourists alike.

Starting from:136 USD
Dariush Grand Hotel

Inspired by Persian history, Dariush is not just a hotel but a cultural experience. Its unique architecture and luxurious services make it a memorable place to stay.

Starting from:210 USD
Maryam Sorinet Hotel

Maryam provides a warm and inviting environment, with comfortable rooms and attentive service. It's a great value option for visitors to Kish Island.

Starting from:104 USD


Prices for these hotels in 2024 can range from around $50 to $250 per night, depending on the season, the type of room, and the level of luxury. Booking early and looking for special offers can help you get the best deal.


Kish Island offers a range of hotels to suit every taste and budget, from luxurious retreats to cozy, affordable accommodations. Whatever your preferences, you’re sure to find a hotel that makes your stay memorable. Ready to explore the beauty of Kish Island? These hotels are a great starting point for your adventure.

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