Yazd Top Hotels for 2024: A Guide to Comfortable Stays and Pricing

Yazd is a beautiful city in the desert, famous for its old buildings and wind towers. If you’re visiting Yazd in 2024, there are many great hotels where you can stay. These hotels are nice, comfortable, and close to Yazd’s famous places. Let’s look at some of the best hotels in Yazd for 2024, what they offer, and how much it might cost to stay there.

Moshir al Mamalek Garden Hotel

This hotel is like a big, beautiful garden. It's very peaceful and has rooms that look out onto the greenery. It's a good place to relax and enjoy nature in the city.

Starting from:31 USD
Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

Parsian Safaieh is in a quiet part of Yazd, offering modern rooms and good food. It has a mix of traditional and modern design, making it a cozy place to stay.

Starting from:55 USD
Yazd Arg e jadid Hotel

Arg Jadide is a newer hotel that looks like an old castle. It has beautiful rooms and is close to many of Yazd's sights, making it easy to explore the city.

Starting from:32 USD
Dad Hotel Yazd

Dad Hotel is in a historic building with a lovely courtyard. It's right in the center of Yazd, so it's a great base for sightseeing. The rooftop restaurant has amazing views.

Starting from:35 USD
Darbar Boutique Hotel of Yazd

Darbar is a traditional house turned into a hotel. It has beautiful rooms around a quiet courtyard, perfect for enjoying a calm evening after a day of exploring.

Starting from:17 USD
Noghre Yazd

Noghre is a small but charming hotel with a traditional design. It's a bit off the beaten path, offering a peaceful retreat with lovely rooms and a friendly atmosphere.

Starting from:15 USD
Saraye Kohan Hotel

Saraye Kohan is in an old part of Yazd, giving you a real sense of history. It has traditional rooms and a beautiful courtyard where you can relax and meet other travelers.

Starting from:12 USD
vali traditional hotel

Vali is another traditional hotel, known for its architecture and warm hospitality. It's a great place to experience Yazd's old-world charm and enjoy a comfortable stay.

Starting from:24 USD
Mojtamae Touristi Caravan Yazd

This hotel is a bit like a traveler's oasis, with simple, clean rooms and lots of outdoor spaces to enjoy the desert atmosphere. It's great for an adventurous stay.

Starting from:19 USD
Rahoma Hotel

Raho ma is a smaller, family-run hotel. It's very friendly and welcoming, with a home-like feel. The rooms are comfortable and decorated in a traditional style.

Starting from:31 USD


Prices for these hotels in 2024 can range from about $40 to $150 per night, depending on the hotel and when you book. Some hotels might offer special deals, so it’s a good idea to check their websites or call them for the most accurate information.


Yazd has many wonderful hotels, from garden paradises to traditional homes. No matter where you choose to stay, you’ll find a comfortable room, friendly people, and a great starting point for exploring this historic city.

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