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How to Buy the Best Iranian Saffron

How to Buy the Best Iranian Saffron

They say Iranian saffron is the red gold that embodies an indescribable flavor that boosts its surrounding flavors into something extraordinary. As the only aromatic spice that is worth gold in its weight, saffron is the product of crocus flowers. The use of saffron gives a pungent aroma, a distinctive flavor, and a brilliant golden color to the foods. However, its use is not limited to the orders of cuisine, saffron is used for medicinal purposes as well as making perfumes and dyes.

Buying saffron is among those purchases that demand you to attend to extreme delicacies in order to avoid breaking the bank or getting ripped off. While purchasing saffron, you should be careful about bunk saffron and the source from which you buy saffron. Today, you can find saffron from various sources such as Greece, Afghanistan, Morocco, Kashmir, Spain, and Iran; however, the quality of them is definitely not the same.

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Iran is the motherland of saffron and produces more than 90% of the world’s saffron each year. Compared to saffron produced in other countries, Iranian saffron has a deeper red color and a tingling aroma specific to this kind of saffron. Saffron has had a crucial role in Persian cuisine and culture for a long time, and the quality of pure Iranian saffron is not open to question. The saffron produced in Khorasan Razavi, particularly the city of Qaen, is the most famous saffron among Iranians for its quality. But how can you make sure you buy a high-quality type of saffron?

Different Types of Saffron

There are different kinds of saffron with varying levels of quality. You might find saffron in red or orangish threads (i.e., whole stigma) or in ground form. You should go for the threads since they preserve their flavor and aroma for a longer time. Moreover, it is easy to adulterate ground saffron with similar substances and fillers. You will be able to check the quality of saffron when it comes in threads. There are four main types of saffron in terms of where the stigma is cut: Sargol, Negin, Poshal, and Dasteh.