How to Buy the Best Iranian Saffron

They say that Iranian saffron is akin to red gold, possessing an indescribable flavor that elevates surrounding tastes to the extraordinary. As the sole aromatic spice that commands a price equivalent to its weight in gold, saffron derives from the crocus flower. Its utilization imparts a pungent aroma, a distinctive flavor, and a brilliant golden hue to dishes. Nevertheless, its applications extend beyond the realm of culinary endeavors; saffron finds its place in medicinal practices, perfumery, and dye production.

The process of purchasing saffron demands a meticulous approach to prevent overspending or falling victim to subpar products. When acquiring saffron, one must exercise caution concerning counterfeit saffron and the reliability of the source. Presently, saffron is obtainable from various regions, including Greece, Afghanistan, Morocco, Kashmir, Spain, and, notably, Iran. However, it’s imperative to recognize that the quality varies significantly among these sources.

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Why Choose the Iranian Saffron?

Iranian Saffron

Iranian saffron is renowned as the pinnacle of saffron excellence, and there are compelling reasons why you should choose it. Iran, often referred to as the motherland of saffron, is responsible for producing over 90% of the world’s saffron annually. What sets Iranian saffron apart is its distinct characteristics—a deeper, more vibrant red color and a tantalizing aroma that is unique to this variety.

With a rich history deeply intertwined with Persian cuisine and culture, saffron has held a cherished place for centuries. Its unparalleled quality is a testament to Iran’s expertise in saffron cultivation. Notably, the saffron produced in the region of Khorasan Razavi, particularly in the city of Qaen, stands out as the most esteemed among Iranians due to its exceptional quality. When seeking high-quality saffron, you can trust in the authenticity and purity of Iranian saffron, ensuring an unparalleled culinary and sensory experience.

Choosing Iranian saffron is a choice of excellence, guaranteeing you access to the world’s finest saffron, steeped in tradition and unrivaled in quality.

Different Types of Saffron

saffron 10

There are several distinct types of saffron, each offering varying levels of quality and characteristics. When considering saffron, you’ll encounter it in the form of red or orangish threads, which are the whole stigma, or in ground form. Opting for saffron threads is highly recommended, as they retain their flavor and aroma for an extended period. Additionally, threads are less susceptible to adulteration with similar substances and fillers, allowing you to assess saffron’s quality more effectively.

saffron 7

Among saffron threads, there are four main types categorized based on where the stigma is cut: Sargol, Negin, Poshal, and Dasteh. Sargol saffron stands out as the premier choice, boasting the most vibrant color and intense aroma. These threads are meticulously separated from the yellow and white parts of the style, possessing the highest levels of crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal, imparting exceptional quality and potency. Following closely is Negin saffron, which is harvested at the end of the stamen, where the stigma divides into three sargols. While not as pure as Sargol, Negin saffron offers assurance against potential adulteration due to its connected strands. On the other hand, Poshal saffron threads encompass both sargol and the yellow portion of the stigma above the style, offering a slightly lower level of purity compared to Negin. Lastly, Dasteh saffron threads include nearly all parts of the stigma, with the stigma being cut approximately 3-4 cm below the sargol. While this type has a milder coloring power and is less pure than the others, it remains an option with its distinct characteristics.

Understanding these saffron types empowers you to make an informed choice when selecting the ideal saffron variety for your culinary and sensory needs.

How to Distinguish the High-Quality Iranian Saffron?

When purchasing saffron, you should beware of bunk saffron. There are five simple ways for you to test the saffron you have bought and make sure it has the authentic smell and hue of the real saffron:

1. The physical appearance

saffron 24

The real high-quality saffron threads look dry, fine, dark red with a trumpet-like top, and even in size. On the other hand, low-quality saffron threads are coarse, tiny, and irregular in size. If the saffron looked wax-coated, you should doubt its quality. Saffron threads do not stick to each other.

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2. Taste

Try a saffron thread on your tongue. The taste of an authentic saffron thread is slightly bitter and astringent when you try it. Low-quality saffron tastes sweet.

3. Aroma

saffron 1

Breathe in the smell of the saffron threads, and it is the authentic saffron if it feels like smelling hay and honey. The smell of real saffron will tickle your nose, even if it’s wrapped in a plastic cover. If your nostrils were not filled with the aroma, then do not doubt that the saffron is fake.

4. Water test

In this easy test, you should put the saffron in a glass of water, and if the saffron starts to color the water in yellow-gold slowly while it floats, it might be real saffron. However, you can make sure by taking the saffron out of the water, and if it had preserved its initial color, you could say it is real saffron. If it was the other way around and the saffron thread was no longer red, it is bunk saffron.

5. Baking soda test

saffron 9

First, put a small amount of baking soda in a glass of water and mix them together. Then, you can put the saffron thread into the mixture to see what happens. If the color of your mixture turns yellow, you could be certain that it’s real saffron. However, if it turns red, the saffron that you used is definitely fake.

6. The Test of flame

All you have to do for this test is that you should put a little saffron on fire. If the color of flame changed to purple or orange, the saffron you’ve got is pure original saffron. But if the color of flame turned out to be yellow, the saffron is, unfortunately, bunk saffron.

Iran, where the world majority of Saffron comes from. Learn about Iran’s red gold: Saffron.

Why is Iranian Saffron Too Expensive?

saffron 2

The elevated cost of Iranian saffron is not primarily dictated by the geographical or climatic conditions of its cultivation, unlike certain spices such as vanilla beans. Instead, saffron commands its high price due to the meticulous and time-intensive process involved in obtaining just a single gram of saffron threads. This process begins with the painstaking hand-picking of crocus flowers, followed by the careful extraction of the three stigmas within each blossom.

Remarkably, it takes the laborious processing of approximately 150 flowers to yield a mere one-gram quantity of saffron. Consequently, it’s crucial to recognize that Saffron’s price point inherently reflects its intrinsic value. If you encounter saffron at unbelievably discounted rates, exercise caution, as it is likely to be of subpar quality and not worth the investment. Despite its cost, even a small pinch of saffron imparts a remarkable flavor, a luxurious aroma, and a vibrant golden hue to dishes and desserts such as ice cream, custard, and cookies. Additionally, saffron boasts medicinal properties attributed to its abundant antioxidants, riboflavin, and vitamin B2 content, making it a valuable component in disease prevention, including cardiovascular diseases.

How Can We Help You Buy Iranian Saffron?

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