The Best Moment of a Journey to Iran: 13 Travelers Have Shared Their Best Moments in Iran with Us

Imagine the memory of traveling to one particular destination! Each person’s memory of that place highlights various aspects of that destination. Each year, thousands of travelers go to Iran, although they’ve heard about all the dangers that might be there waiting for them. Yet, they choose not to trust the media and find out everything about this country’s mysteries themselves. 

The first hours you spend in your destination might be crucial, and it sounds more interesting as you get to see that different people got different impressions from those first hours. As you’re racking your brains to feel sure you’re on the right track, colors might run into your black and white image of reality. As you see everyone smiling, you feel the tranquility injected into your veins, just how it did to Craig and Aimee while they visited Iran on a Mongol Rally: