Iran in glance

capaital city: Tehran (populatoin 9 million)
Population: 78 million
Official Language: Persian
Currency: Iran Rial
Goverment: Islamic Republic of Iran
Iran as the 19th largest country in the world located in the south-west corner of Asia and share borders with Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.
Iranian’s as ethnically diverse nation, speaks dozens of different languages and dialects which most of them are closely related to Persian (Farsi) as the official language the native tongue of 58% of Iranians. Some of its Luri, Gilaki and Mazandarani, Farsi is Approximately 89% of Iranians are Shi’a Muslim, while 9% more are Sunni.The remaining 2% are Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian.

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    I am definitely interested in adventure and I think IRAN is the best one. I suggest this great country for people who want to choose pleasant area.


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