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Do you think Iran could be a destination for nature adventurers?!

If you’ve not been to Iran and it’s more of a distorted image of the unknown for you, the influence of media aside, you might answer me with the following sentence: “Iran has been much appreciated for its historical, and cultural heritages, which is indeed of great value. But, I’m not sure if it can fit to enlist nature adventures; maybe just for the deserts.” Yet, what’s fascinating about the unknown is that it acquires a kind of internal voice and it calls onto you and triggers your curiosity. Join us on this virtual tour to fulfill your curiosity and enjoy the sceneries just as if you’re really experiencing them.


In this virtual tour, we’re going to trace a chain of natural wonders scattered in cities all around Iran. We’re going to embark on our virtual expedition in the northerly expanses of Iran and we will continue this adventure in cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Qeshm, Hormuz Island, and even Sistan and Baluchistan. Come along and see all the natural wonders hidden in Iran with your own eyes.


Hyrcanian Forests

In your journey to Iran, you’ll find that different parts and cities are gifted with various types of climate and vegetation. The North, however, is mostly gifted with the emerald hands of nature. The Alborz Mountains have stretched as a bolt down the chest of the Caspian Sea and the cities between the shore and these rough heights are lost among the lush leaves of Hyrcanian Forests. As a UNESCO World Heritage, these forests date back to around 50 million years ago and they bestow you a new lease of life with their green branches.

Mount Damavand

As we distance the green skirts of the Caspian Sea and we get closer to the jagged edges of the Alborz Mountains, we can find snow-capped peaks alluring to the thought of adventurers. Tehran is gifted to be the close neighbor of these fascinating peaks. Mount Damavand is the highest peak of Iran and its thrilling tracks tempt the climbers and hikers to target on reaching the height of this inactive volcano and challenge themselves. The elegance of the surrounding views worth catching your eyes while you’re struggling with the challenges of the way.

Mount Tochal

Mount Damavand can be also suitable for skiing in off-piste tracks of snow but to be more conservative, you can try the ski resort of Tochal Mountain. You can get a glimpse of the capital city of Iran and its warm buzzing bosom. If you enjoy trekking mountainous paths, Iran has two main mountain ranges with a lot of fascinating peaks among them.

Varzaneh Desert

As we approach the central expanses of the country, we are to witness the magic of bare lands. The amazing adventure in these lands features the golden sand dunes stretching out to meet the edge of the sky. And in the nights, when the sands are no longer blinking gold, the sky grandstands with its shooting stars. In Varzaneh Desert, SUV riding and camel riding is very fun; yet, let’s walk barefoot on the soft sand and hear the echo of the breeze. You will see the crystals dazzling on the side of Varzaneh Salt Lake as you go on.
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Bafq Desert

There are many deserts scattered in the central area of Iran. You might think visiting one of them would be enough because they are all equal. I agree with you due to and based on the activities provided in deserts; but, here’s the main point: each of these deserts is naturally distinguished from the other. While Varzaneh desert has housed an epic white salt lake in its heart, Bafq Desert is notable for the scattered water basins among the hills of sand dunes. Isn’t it weird to see water among the sands of the desert? Well, maybe this place has a magical mystery in its locked heart.

Tang-e Boraq

Let us now move on to the western-south corner of Iran, towards the wonderful mountains of Zagros and see what Mother Nature has kept for us in Fars province. In this province, the winding roads among the mountains experience various beautiful sceneries, some hills are filled with forests, while some others are green meadows that have nestled colorful wildflowers in their embrace. There are such beautiful places that you’d see and doubt if it’s heaven or a small piece of it fallen through the blessing hands of God. Raghez Canyon and Tang-e Boraq Canyon are two of those places that their sublime beauty strikes every visitor’s soul with awe. If you like canyoning, there are three amazing canyons in this province.

Margoon Waterfall

We owe all that heavenly elegance in this land to the mountains. They have befriended clear streams of water for so long; they either break themselves to shelter their friend or when meant to cross, they stir them in the right path with their sharp edges and therefore, bring miracles onto the earth. Margoon waterfall tells us the story of many of these streams following each other into the river. Around Margoon waterfall, nature actually talks to you and you can hear her nurturing buoyant voice.

Maharloo Lake

Have you ever seen a lake that is naturally colored in pink? Mother Nature has added a magical ingredient to a salt lake near Shiraz and has created an eye-catching perspective. Imagine spending an evening on your boat and watching the sun sink into the pink water of Maharloo Lake. The mirrored picture of the sky in the pale face of this lake doubles its gorgeousness; however, you have to observe that all with your own eyes. Sometimes, you’d be able to see the crystallized salt on the edge of the lake, the salts that have caused spreading this pink hue in the water.

Kalut Shahdad Desert

Moving a bit towards the East, you’d pass through Kerman, the realm of the great Lut Desert. In this vast, scorching natural attraction, you’ll find spellbinding outlooks of strange sandy mountains that have soared up close to each other in Kalut Shahdad Desert. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it looks like a lost city in the middle of nowhere and there exists a magnetic sense of supernatural that bewitches the eyes. The dunes stretch out to the place where their pigments are dissolved in the blue color of the sky. 

Darak Beach

There are many wonders all around Iran that a considerable number of which belong to the southern shore; yet, an exceptional surprise is hidden in the coasts of southerly parts of Sistan and Baluchistan. The paradoxical reconciliation of the desert and the Sea, the Oman Sea, has created a sense of sublime uncanny in Darak beach. A nature lover would definitely love to sit, contemplate, and capture the moment that the sun trespasses the domain of the horizon with his own eyes. The scattered palm trees along the shore have added a southern local flavor to this natural wonder.

Rainbow Valley

Iran has many beautiful Islands in the Persian Gulf and one of them is Hormuz Island. This island has many wonderful natural attractions. If we are about to mention a few, we can refer to the tides of the sea that turn in red color to reach the coast, or refer to the soaring cliffs beyond the red soil of the island. Nature has made a picturesque island in her awe-striking play with color brushes. The rainbow valley is a narrow path among the cliffs where different hues of colors have gathered and are celebrating their success in making such geological dreams come true.

Chahkooh Canyon

Another beautiful island raising her head above the Persian Gulf is called Qeshm. Qeshm Island has always been popular with tourists and it has been inscribed as one of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks. Chahkooh Canyon is one of those photogenic natural amazements nestling in this island. Its strangely shaped cliffs and rocks have adjoined an awe-inspiring sense of fascination in the essence of this attraction. The idea of wandering among the maze-like pathways and discovering your way to the ponds in the middle is enthralling.

There is much more to the natural wonders of Iran and we are not capable of taking a look at them all in one single virtual tour. However, stay with us, for the journey has just started and we would be here for you and we would love to accompany you in many other virtual adventures.

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