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Let us set our journey into the world where the days are still bestowing their brightness into the hearts of people and no one’s living on the bit of their despair given through by darkness. People of Persia have learned for more than 2500 years and it’s been through witnessing what their ancestors left for them that they have turned into these strong, unified people who love to help and grant happiness to their friends and acquaintances. These ancient legacies are scattered in almost all provinces of today’s Iran; yet, you’ll be able to find some of these provinces wealthier than the others. That’s why cities like Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kashan, and Tehran are most popular among tourists.


In this virtual tour, we’re going to visit some of the most famous attractions and UNESCO’s world heritage sites in 4 major cities of Iran. We’re going to embark on our virtual expedition in Isfahan, the art gallery of Iran in the size of a city and we will continue our journey into the cities of Shiraz and Yazd, and we finally call it to an end in the Capital city of Iran, Tehran.

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Isfahan has always been the place where people seek to find out about the golden history of Iran and the evolution of culture, history, and art when blended with the aesthetic flavor of Islam. Naqsh-e Jahan square is a whole different world in the middle of this city, the place in which you travel in time and witness great developments in time. This enchanting square brings the most significant of masterpieces together. Ali Qapu palace is one of these masterpieces which is an ancient heritage of the Safavid kings. Walk in this palace, enjoy the scenic view of Naqsh-e Jahan square from the terrace and discover the amusing patterns and figures hiding in the last floor.

This magnificent structure is one of the priceless gems on Naqsh-e Jahan square…

As you’re standing on the terrace of Ali Qapu, the gorgeous doom of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque stands right in front of you and invites you to a sacred tour within its walls. 

Delicate calligraphy mixed with intricate tiling and miniatures lying on the interior walls of this beautiful mosque has turned the place to one of the inspiring places in Isfahan…

Embark on another Iran 360 virtual tour and enjoy either the spiritual reflection of a Ziyarat pilgrimage or the Emerald hands of nature in this country. You can finally pick your favorite destinations in Iran In-depth Cultural Tours to experience the real persia.

To create such great masterpieces, miracles have happened and political factors had a significant effect on them. In the Safavid era, when the Persian Empire and the Ottoman Empire were in a second war in 1605, the old Jolfa (in Azerbaijan) had turned into the battlefields and as Shah Abbas knew he had no chance in front of the enemy, he decided to withdraw from enemy forces and took the policy of transference of local people to the capital. Therefore, a large number of Armenians including the residents in Jolfa Were brought to the capital where they shaped their own community and merged their culture in the greater Islamic, Persian culture. The result of that was the stunning Vank Cathedral in the middle of a neighborhood called New Jolfa, observe this awe-striking mixture with your own eyes.

The paintings inside the building depict the biblical stories, martyrdoms, and pantomime demons in the form of Persian miniatures…

While visiting Isfahan, it might be also a good idea to visit the place in which the history and evolution of music in Iran have been exhibited. The various musical instruments behind the glasses will definitely catch your attention? Enjoy the sound of traditional Persian music while gazing at these enthralling showcases.

Isfahan Music Museum tells you about the story of Persian music and more than 300 traditional musical instruments specific to Iran and Iranian culture…


Now, let us resume our journey into the heart of ancient Persia where the fields had the honor to carry the weight of the great Achaemenid kings. Fars province is adorned by historical treasures and its capital, Shiraz, is known to be the homeland to the most beautiful flowers, nightingales, and the fragrance of spring blossoms. Persepolis and what has survived the great fire of Alexander the great in its structure tells you the stories of Cyrus and what his palace had hosted during the golden age of the Persian Empire. Here, you get to read tales of history carved among the pillars and stones, patterns that have preserved their essence although they can be counted as ruins. Walking among these remains is itself a journey in time. 

Do you like to step in a place with such a great history that takes you to thousands of years ago?

But this province was not chosen to be the capital only to the Achaemenid Empire, but it also belonged to another nourishing era, the Zand Dynasty. Karim Khan built a great citadel to display his eye-catching power and grandeur and so named it after himself. Arg-e Karim Khan is an amazing sample of Persian architecture, holding within itself, a Persian-style garden of bitter oranges that drive every visitor crazy with the fragrance of their blossoms in spring. 

You cannot miss the great details in the architecture and design of this magnificent citadel…

Iran is a Muslim country and you know while traveling to this country that a large number of what you might visit includes different mosques in different cities. You might also have heard of a mosque which is known as the pink mosque and you wonder “Why would a mosque be famous for a color? And why would it be pink? It’s weird”. However, if you visit Nasir al Molk mosque in Shiraz and step inside its praying hall, you’ll find pink the mosque a sensibly perfect alternative name for it; just pay attention to the sacred dance of the light and colors. 

Here, you get to see the colored rays of light breaking in and lying in the flowers of rugs behind your feet…

Shiraz has embraced the name of many great figures in the classical and romantic literature of Persia. Hafez is the most notable among these literary figures who played a significant role in excelling Persian poetry and people believe that they owe him a great debt. So, they let his literature enter their lives and they consult his advice in his poems, the Divan, on every occasion. Many people have faith in his strong verses and his fortune-telling cards. His mausoleum is one of the most beautiful places to find tranquility and a little bit of poetic atmosphere.

Can you guess why Shiraz is famous as the city in which classical and romantic poetry forged ahead? 


While traveling deeper and deeper into the history and culture of Iran, we shall not pass Yazd without visiting its most notable attractions. Yazd does not boast only of its historical attractions scattered all around the city, But it offers a deeper level of historical scent in its very structure. A great part of the city is still preserving its traditional fabric and people live and walk among these old mud-brick walls. In the old city of Yazd, traditional neighborhoods have come together to depict the amazing combination of wind catchers and mud-brick domes above the surface of the earth; strolling among these lanes and watching all the amazing places around them like Alexander’s Prison will suit your fancy.

Delve deep into Persian history and architecture by walking in the oldest lanes of this city…

Like that of Isfahan’s Naqsh-e Jahan, Amir Chakhmaq Square is the most important urban area to the locals in Yazd where they gather to celebrate or commemorate great events. Among these significant events is the notable commemoration devoted to the grief upon Imam Husayn and his family’s death in the tragic day of Ashura. The epic Hussainiya in the middle of this square hosts these rituals every year.

What would be better than spending your evening watching the sun sinking into the ground and shedding its red hues on the people in the full-of-life Amir Chakhmaq complex?

However, the history of Yazd goes beyond Islam and enfolds the oldest monotheistic religion, Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrians believe that fire represents their wisdom and light of God, and fire temples are where the worshipers gather for their prayers. No great number of Zoroastrians are left, but Yazd is one of the cities with most of them and you can find amazing places related to the Zoroastrians. One of these ancient heritages is Atashkadeh-e Yazd which is a fire temple honored to house a fire belonging to the fifth century. There are interesting objects and documents exhibited in different parts of the temple and you might enjoy taking a look at them as well.

Here you’d get a chance to get to know more about the oldest monotheistic religion, Zoroastrianism…

This antiquity has surprisingly had a touch in every aspect of people’s lives such as in social and cultural aspects. This vision has made ancient sports of higher values in these communities. Zurkhaneh is a house in which Iranians practice their ancient sports and you’ll be able to find these houses almost everywhere since all Iranians value their traditional principles and ancient legacies. Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh in Yazd is one of the most famous ones and taking part in their practices is quite an authentic experience.

The souls of the men who whirl along the climax of the chanting song reach high levels of religiosity deep in their heart and manners…


The last destination in this journey would be the capital of Iran, Tehran. This metropolis is on the opposite pole to Yazd and represents itself as the most modern city in Iran. However, bearing the title of capital, Tehran has extraordinary museums such as the national museum of Iran and the showcases are filled with graceful historical items. The city’s been modernized but a few old neighborhoods reside surprisingly among high buildings and have created a fascinating binary opposition in the fabric of the city. In the National Museum of Iran, you can learn so much about the history of Iran and the influence of Islam on Iranian culture only by observing ancient objects and documents gathered in a glorious building. 

This building is a gallery of heritages of time in the great lands of Iran…

Actually, there are many museums in Tehran among which some might be more interesting to you depending on your own tastes. However, the patterns and pictures knotted among threads of hand-woven carpets have always played with the eyes of visitors. The Carpet Museum includes instances that have survived ages and have come to tell us their tales of the hard times.

Patterns and styles of knots in Persian carpets have been a major part of their culture and lifestyle for about 2500 years…

Tehran is proudly known for its specifically notable landmarks like Milad Tower and Azadi Tower both historical and modern. However, Azadi Tower has been the symbol of the capital, and its architecture in the middle of this great green square tempts you to stroll along the pathways for some time.

Straddling at the center of Azadi Square among a wide field of grass and flower buds, Azadi tower is one of the most famous landmarks in western Tehran…

Before ending this imaginative journey, we must be careful not to miss the amazing symphony of colors on the walls of Golestan Palace. Being the center of government during the Pahlavi Dynasty, Tehran enfolds a number of palaces belonging to the royal family in different parts of the city. Each of these Palaces is exceptionally beautiful and worth a visit. The gorgeous Golestan Palace also enchants visitors with its epic architecture and wonderful patterns. You have to witness this beauty with your own eyes.

The magnificent legacy of the Qajar era, Golestan palace complex, is placed right near the Grand Bazaar of Tehran…

We will now put an end to this journey, but there’s a long time ahead of us forbidding travel and encouraging us to stay at home. If you enjoyed being a company of ours in this little journey, stay with us and follow us on another adventure, this time among the natural wonders of Iran

Persepolis in Shiraz

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