Saffron in six Persian food recipe

If you are looking for the best saffron, the quality of Iranian ones is not a debatable point. Iran produces 85 percent of the world’s saffron. It had a sunny and dry climate which is suitable for saffron. Also, the agricultural knowledge of saffron cultivation passes through many generations of farmers.

Saffron is used notably in Persian Cuisine. The odor of it and the stunning deep yellow color that it offers rice as nicely as its subtle aroma.

Before talking about Persian food, one of the oldest and most exquisite cuisines in the world, let’s see how we can prepare saffron to use in the recopies below.

We use saffron in recipes when these flowers are in bloom. As the saffron threads will not give much flavor, we don’t use them before blooming.

How to bloom the Sffron?

You can bloom saffron in two ways:

  • with Hot water
  • with Ice water

Both techniques begin by way of grinding the saffron threads into a pleasant powder with the usage of a mortar and pestle.

Hot Water Blooming

First, Place the saffron powder into a small bowl, and then pour a few tablespoons of boiled water that got cool for a few minutes. It is essential to avoid shocking the saffron.

Second, pour adequate water to soak the powder and set it apart for at least 15 minutes to bloom. Stir well, and it is ready to use.

Remember to use hot water as it helps release the aroma of the saffron, and it is better than room temperature water.

Ice Water Blooming

First, Place the saffron powder into a small bowl and add one or two ice cubes.

Second, put it aside and allow the ice cubes to melt slowly and bloom the saffron; when it is fully liquid, Stir well, and it is ready to use.

The Ice water method is slower than the hot water method and may yield better results.

1.Persian Saffron Chicken

polo mom

There are various recipes, but it is mainly served with Persian inestimable steamed rice, with several omnifarious side dishes that can serve as an accompaniment to Persian saffron chicken meal. The central part of saffron is used to add flavor, this golden spice bursting like the sun through the clouds.

A rich, creamy saffron sauce made of olive oil, lemon juice, onion, chicken stock, and over-roasted chicken, plus vegetables and other kinds of spices and ingredients.

Although saffron is high-priced, it adds exquisite taste. A few threads are enough. This simple dish never seems more appealing with this golden spice.


Untitled 7 1

In Farsi, ” Tah” means bottom, and “Chin” comes from the verb “Chidan“; the whole word means arranging all ingredients.

Persian saffron rice is a classical dish that is crispy, crunchy, and golden on the outside and has a fleecy inside.

Rice is the staple piece of this food, and saffron is the principal article flavor. Yogurt-egg-oil-saffron mixture mixed with the boiled rice is the crux of the matter in this recipe. Remember to layer it with barberries. Palatable Persian rice has transformed into gold; the excellent front-runner adds conclusive grandeur to all ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, and dinner parties.

3.Persian saffron chicken soup


In Farsi, it is called ” Soup e Morgh e Zaaferani ” A healthy, robust, and luscious soup for diseased people. This appetizer is a gratifying victory at the dinner table. Even after long work days, you can prepare it for the weeknight. A meal with chicken breasts and chicken stock with flavorful saffron. A little bit of this gold spice always goes a long way. This soup is the warm heart of cold winter and goes perfectly with saffron’s hot nature. Try it once to see how it is blazoned forth.

If you want to know more more about how to buy the best Iranian Saffron, and Saffron purchasing tips. please take a look at: How to Buy the Best Iranian Saffron

4.Persian yellow rice

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Onion is vital in this recipe; fried onions must be steamed basmati rice. It leads to a caramelized onion flavor. Onions revive the rice!

A quick, simple dish that only takes 30 minutes! With easy ingredients that are available in every house. Rosewater aroma and saffron flavor with butter, it is a magical cuisine!

5.Joojeh Kabab


A classical Persian chicken kabob. A delicious marinade of saffron and yogurt will smother the chicken pieces. It is recommended to let them marinate overnight. Lemon and saffron distinct flavors will make the chicken pieces incredibly juicy and especially toothsome. The main dish of Iranian barbecue parties and picnics is served with Persian saffron rice alongside grilled tomatoes and pepper with butter. This succulent chicken has a unique flavor and yellow color. Crushed and bloomed saffron threads are the delicious secret of this recipe!

6.Shole Zard

Untitled 2 2

Persian saffron rice pudding is a popular meal and is mainly considered a dessert in Persian cuisine throughout Iran. With an appealing smell, it is an excellent choice for family gatherings. Shole Zard is deemed to be the cream of the crop among the rest of the dessert with saffron. And it principally serves Nazri or other religious ceremonies. Saffron gives the rice a stunning, mesmerizing color, and rosewater makes it more apposite. It is adorned with cinnamon to balance the cold nature of rice. It is irresistible to stop eating this creamy mood-booster dessert.

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