The best time to visit Iran


The best time to visit Iran has many different answers depending on what you want to do. Iran offers endless opportunities for people who love In-depth Cultural, Trekking & adventurer trips. For sure Iran is a destination to fall in love with its mesmerizing architecture, deserts, Mountains, jungles, etc. If you love pampering yourself, Iran is the place to be!

Iran is one of the countries in the world which has the four seasons in one time. While the north is covered with snow in south you have tropical weather. Therefore the climate of country varies greatly due to features of global location. In winter you can go skiing in the north of Tehran, and a day later you can head south to Kashan and to experience the dry heat at Iran’s beautiful deserts such as Mesr Desert.


  • Mid of March, April, May& Mid of June — Spring / Good Season

Spring is a good season but between March and May is high season because temperatures are ideal for travelling all across Iran, as it is not too hot or too cold. At March weather becomes better. Temperatures rise to somewhat comfortable range. In coastal areas averages of March are cool, southern regions are bit warmer and in mountainous regions are cooler. However even in highlands temperature doesn’t drop below 10 °C. In April temperatures are nicer. If you only want to go hiking in the north the best time is in Spring & Summer when the country is cooler, and less humid. This is the best period for outdoor adventures in the deserts, or by the coast. If you want to go hiking in the north the best time is in Spring & Summer when the country is cooler, and less humid. Also March & April is so good for outdoor adventures in the deserts, or by the coast in north & south.

  • July, August & September — Summer / Good Season

Summer begins with slight decreasing of precipitation. The shoulder season goes from June to October. In this time temperatures increase all across the country and it becomes almost hot to travel cities like Shiraz, Yazd & Kashan. If you are more an adventure seeker, you can head to North of Iran for hiking & trekking. For a quintessential Iran experience, you can have a trip all around Iran in summer especially in September. This period is the busiest months in Iran, so book your accommodation and tickets well in advance.

  • October, November & December — Autumn / Low Season

Autumn brings rains to the country. Peak of precipitation is at October. October temperature is still rather comfortable for its range is between 22 and 25 °C (72-77 °F). As November begins the weather starts to get colder. But best time for desert tours is October, November & December, autumn gives you the real time of adventure in desert. This period is a shoulder season, you can expect a dip in accommodation prices and your flight tickets as well. The rush would have worn off, and you can really enjoy the country without irritating crowds.

  • January, February & March — Winter / Low Season

Comparably few tourists travel to Iran between November and February when temperatures start to drop again, unless they are going for ski at Tochal & Dizin Ski Resort. This season is the best time to Ski.The south is still warm and pleasant, but Tehran and the northern Iran becomes cold so make sure to bring warm clothes when you come in winter. In winter a lot of hotels and resorts will offer great deals for those who want to visit in summer, so if you are interested in saving money, this would be the best time for you to do so.

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