Best Time to Visit Iran

What is the best time to visit Iran? This has many different answers depending on what you want to do. Iran offers endless opportunities and various experiences for people with different interests; from those who love in-depth cultural traditions, to those who are fond of trekking & adventure trips. For sure Iran is the travel destination to fall in love with: its mesmerizing architecture, serene deserts, jagged mountains, and emerald jungles are all fascinating.

Iran is one of the countries in the world which has four seasons at one time. While the north is covered with snow, in the south you’ll experience the pleasant tropical weather. Therefore Iran’s climate varies greatly due to its geological feature. In the winter, you can go skiing in the north of Tehran, and a day later you can head south to Kashan to experience the warmth of sands at Iran’s beautiful deserts such as Maranjab or Mesr Desert. This is Iran’s natural diversity at its best!

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Iran Seasons

Spring; High Season in Iran

Spring is a pleasant season to visit Iran and the high season for traveling to Iran starts in March and continues to the end of May. Why? Because during these months, temperature and weather conditions are ideal for traveling all across Iran, as it is neither too hot nor too cold. The prices will be higher this time and there will be more tourists so you might want to reserve your room/accommodation in Iran way before traveling. This is the best time to experience the Iran classic tours and experience customs like Nowruz and Golab Giri.

visit Iran during March and April

Temperatures rise to somewhat a comfortable range during spring. 

  • In March, coastal areas are cool; southern regions are a bit warmer while mountainous regions are cooler. However, even in the highlands temperature doesn’t drop below 10 °C.
  • In April, temperatures are even nicer. So, this is the best time to go hiking in the north since the country is cooler and less humid. It is also the best period for outdoor adventures in the deserts or visiting arid, hot places like Persepolis and cities like Yazd.
Iran in-depth Cultural ToursSpring is one of the best times to taste the culture of Iran. Take a look at the Iran in-depth Cultural Tours and decide on those experiences and stories you’d like to unfold in the coming spring.

Summer, Low Season in Iran

Weather in Iran from June and August

Summer begins with a slight decrease in precipitation. From June to August, the number of foreign tourists declines and there will be good discounts on tours and experiences because the temperatures increase all across the country and you should be able to withstand the heat to travel to cities like Shiraz, Yazd & Kashan. Despite the high temperature, you can still visit cities like Kerman, Yazd, and shiraz if you choose to go sightseeing in the early morning or in the evening. Moreover, you can head to the North of Iran for hiking & trekking on the top of the Alborz mountains to escape the sun. Mount Damavand, Alamut, and Tochal are among the popular destinations for hiking and trekking in Iran. This period is also busy with Iranian travelers who want to enjoy the warm vacations of summer, so book your accommodation and tickets if possible.

Autumn, Shoulder Season in Iran

Weather in Iran during September and October

Autumn brings rains to the country and the highest amount of precipitation occurs in October. October temperature ranges between 22 and 25 °C (72-77 °F); thus the weather is pleasant for a perfect journey all over Iran in a season when you can easily avoid crowds of travelers. Yet, as November begins the weather starts to get colder. 

The best time for enjoying the sand dunes and desert tours in Iran is October. Autumn gives you a real-time adventure in the desert. This period is the shoulder season to visit Iran, you can expect a drop in accommodation prices and your flight tickets. The rush would have worn off, and you can enjoy the country without irritating crowds. Generally, autumn is a great time to visit Iran.

Iran 360 Virtual natural ToursDo you like to see the adventures that Iran deserts offer before a real experience? Embark on an imaginary journey through Iran and take a glimpse of the beauty its spectacular nature holds through Iran 360 Virtual natural Tours.

Winter, Preferable Low Season in Iran

Best Time To Visit Iran: from November to February

As the temperatures start to drop again, few tourists travel to Iran between November and February, unless they are going skiing at Tochal, Shemshak, and Dizin Ski Resort. This season is the best time to Ski in the north or sightsee in the south of Iran which is still warm and pleasant. Tehran and northern Iran become so cold that you will have to bring warm clothes if you like traveling in the winter. A lot of hotels and resorts will offer great deals for those who want to visit in this season, so if you are interested in saving money, this would be the best time for you to do so. The other choice would be the southern cities and islands like Chabahar and Kish. 

One of the cultural experiences in the winter is the Yalda Festival in which you can be a part of Iranian families and hear their old Persian stories.

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