Persian Leopard

Observing Five Persian Leopards on World Wildlife Day

On the first day, the group, accompanied by rangers, experts, and the head of this protected area as well as the supervisor of wildlife conservation in Khorasan Province, went on exploring this protected area which is renowned for being home to the largest population of Persian leopards with their 4WD cars.

Yara ecolodge

Authentic Experience of Nature at Yara Eco-resort

The morning breeze crept into the car as I rolled down the window. I was mesmerized by the beautiful sceneries around me and needed to breathe in some of that wonderful smell of late summer. I was on an incredible road trip to reach Tonekabon, and Chalus road was even more than welcoming with its gorgeous landscapes. 

Iran Wildlife

Iran Wild Frontiers (Part 1): Golestan National Park and Tandoureh National Park

Go beyond the wild frontiers of Iran and observe its top National Parks that are home to exceptional varieties of flora and fauna.